HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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May, 2016

I am Mr. Haamer, father of two adult children, I believe I was injected and infected with HIV around 1999 and have been living with HIV, without HIV drugs, except for a few weeks after I discovered my positive HIV status in 2010. I know exactly when and how I got HIV and I know who injected me with HIV intentionally.

I used to attend the Sunday service of an evangelical christian church, but after a couple of years I decided to stop attending for different reasons, but the pastor of the church would not accept my decision. He insisted that I attend the Sunday service and, said, “If you are a Christian you have to attend my church!” He was emotionally almost out of control, and the way he yelled at me was unacceptable. He just wanted to control me mentally. At that moment I was very upset and felt that I didn’t want to be manipulated, intimidated, and controlled by a pastor against my will.

But the pastor continued his plan to make my life difficult by convincing some young people in the church of things about me that were not true. The pastor continued to make my life difficulty and tried to control me by fear and anxiety. Although I told him firmly that I was a free man and have more life experience than he thought, he continued with criminal actions against me.

With a transfer letter from my then GP I went to see a specialist in a hospital for my first inguinal (groin) hernia operation on September 10, 1999 (the right side). Sometime during my hospital stay, I got an illegal injection from an unknown person, but I believe my pastor was behind it.

My second operation, the left side, was on 16th December, 2009. For both operations I was treated at the same hospital by the same specialist. During my second operation there was no illegal injection, which made me curious as I realized the difference between the 2 operations.

From the moment my second operation took place, I started to research and to take blood tests. My blood test was HIV-positive. I immediately changed my GP for a new one, and my new GP asked me to see the HIV doctors, to which I agreed. The HIV doctors greeted me happily and prescribed dozens of HIV drugs to me. Although I was a very healthy person, without any indication of sickness I still swallowed 6 tablets of HIV drugs daily for 3-1/2 months to obey the doctor`s instructions and of course I was brainwashed by the mass media and HIV/AIDS activists.

After four months of swallowing HIV drugs I felt so many pains and new sensations in my body such as swollen and black coloured feet, my hands and face getting dry and rough, my chest and abdomen getting swollen and heavy, my appetite was up and down, etc.

After I observed these new symptoms, I decided to stop taking the HIV-drugs and went to my HIV doctor’s assistant and I told her my experience with the medication and that I wanted to stop taking them, but she refused to accept my decision and instead tried to brainwash me and even to intimidate me, by saying, “You are not a doctor, you don’t have any knowledge about your sickness, you must accept and follow the doctor`s instruction”. I asked her again that she must transfer my records to my GP, after a difficult struggle she accepted my will and sent my documents to the first doctor. I told him my views and experiences and he accepted my request to stop the HIV drugs. I have been living without them for 6 years now, almost all of the 16 years that I have been HIV-positive.

From my experience I have learned a lot, and am still continuing my research. I believe that the HIV=AIDS hypothesis is the biggest scientific medical blunder of the 20th century. The evidence is overwhelming that AIDS is not contagious, sexually transmitted or caused by HIV. The physicians who know or suspect the truth are embarrassed or afraid to admit that the tests for HIV are absurd and should be outlawed, and that the anti-HIV drugs are injuring and killing people.

I lived with HIV for almost ten years without fear and anxiety because I didn’t know about the illegal injection that I got, and didn’t know I was HIV-positive. I am therefore very lucky.

For this reason, I can say that, “our first and foremost enemy is FEAR and Anxiety – not HIV!

Editor’s note (reviewed and approved by Haamer):

Hamer told us that he had always believed that HIV exists but recently has become aware that some people do not believe that it does exist. Because of his earlier belief, he was sure that when he became HIV-positive this indicated that he was infected with HIV.

While at first he thought he had a dangerous infection he eventually adopted a position similar to that of Dr. Peter Duesberg, that HIV exists, but is not pathogenic (i.e. does not cause disease).

He had romantic relationships with two women, both of which he intended to marry, but his HIV status disrupted these plans. With one of these women he had sex two times, and with the other one he just had sex one time. In both cases the women later were found to be HIV-antibody positive. In one case the woman initially tested negative, but three months later tested positive.

He was unaware that sometimes people who are believed to be “at risk” (e.g. having a sexual relationship with an HIV+ person) are given different HIV tests, that may make them more likely to test positive (and could result in them testing positive while, with regular tests they would test negative).

He was also unaware that according to mainstream viewpoints the risk of transmission of HIV from man to woman is believed to be about 1/1000, which would make the risk of infecting two women while having sex only three times, statistically close to impossible.