I have been HIV positive for 23 and without knowing, I refused to take traditional HIV meds.  I was already leaning towards alternative therapies, and over the past 23 years I have refined treatments.  Luckily, I read a book by Hulda Clark, The Cure for Aids, and adopted some of her recommended therapies.

For years, everyone wondered how I maintained health, though not on meds.  I accredited my health to herbs, minerals, vitamins, colloidal silver, and the use of the zapper, but I did not really know for sure.  I also believed that my increased spirituality play a big part.  I prayed and meditated regularly.

I was blessed to have an HIV Testing social worker in Atlanta tell me, when I got tested for a second opinion, that being positive "was not a license to die, but rather a license to live".  With that encouragement, I "lived", travelling all over the world, becoming a top seeded marathon runner, purchasing 2 homes, started my own company, going to graduate school, and became one of the best computer consultants in my field, though I did not go to school for this.

In the past few years, about 3, my health started to deteriorate. ...nothing major, but I had severe night sweats, diarrhea, pneumonia, and depression.  That is all gone now....without meds.

I now realize that in retrospect that this was because I got too comfortable with my progress and stopped following my regiment as I did in the earlier years.  Also, my alternative practices seemed weird to friends and my partner and I slowly stopped practicing those regiments.  Lastly, I was devastated with multiple significantly challenging events that left me depressed.

Recently, because I was laid off and had little money, I was required to use a local HIV clinic as my health care provider.  They pushed the traditional therapies....pills, pills, and more pills.  I took some pills, but never the cocktail junk.  I slowly came to the realization that my health decline was due to antibiotics, sleeping pills, depression and recreational drug use, but I continued to think that it was due to the onset of Aids.  I later realized that it was due to me not following the original alternative regiment.

My partner is now gone.  I live along, without a job and used the time recently to do research on HIV and Aids.  I have done over 20 hours of internet research, in the past 4 days.

I am shocked at what I am finding.  It knocked me out of my depression and gave me the momentum to get back to my alternative program.  I am now alive and well.  I do not look or feel bad anymore.  I will never take the meds and am so pissed about what I see as a BIG AIDS SCAM that I am determined more than ever to be victorious.



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