HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Other HIV/AIDS Links


Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial – “I was one of those who believed that HIV=AIDS – the story we’ve all been told for over twenty years by the media and the so-called medical and scientific experts. It wasn’t until I read Davis’s book that I really got it. Davis has taken some very complex concepts and made them so simple to read and understand. Not only that, but it’s a book I couldn’t put down. Even the plot is captivating and well constructed. Wrongful Death brings the whole HIV/AIDS story into sharp focus and in my mind should be required reading for everyone who wants to really see what has happened to our medical and scientific industry in this country, and how the big pharmaceutical companies have gained such a foothold and corrupted so many otherwise well-meaning people.”

Are You Positive? – “FANTASTIC book!! I couldn’t put it down. This is by far one of the best books I’ve read on the HIV THEORY, mostly because even though it was technically a work of “fiction”, every single detail in the book is true and verifiable”… “A masterpiece that presents the testing conundrum in such straight-forward, easy to understand chapters that virtually read themselves. Very well done!”

Help For HIV – dedicated to improving the lives of those diagnosed HIV-Positive. This website raises serious questions about the validity of the HIV tests and the safety of the HIV medications.

Dr. Peter Duesberg – Author of Inventing the AIDS Virus, this is Dr. Peter Duesberg’s HIV/AIDS research website.

John Lauritsen – “In 1983 I began thinking critically about the newly named ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’ or ‘AIDS’.” Author of The AIDS War and Death Rush: Poppers & AIDS .

Immunity Resource Foundation – A digitized information base and broadband video channel for science, medicine and health, incorporating the AIDS and medical archives of Meditel Productions and Continuum Magazine.

Virus Myth – This website contains more than 1200 web pages with over 850 articles about the AIDS controversy. Well organized, but no longer updated.

AltHEAL – Access to scientific, verifiable, alternative information about HIV/AIDS and immune boosting treatments for health that most AIDS organizations do not make available.

JohnnyK’s AIDS Dissident Infobase – a site dedicated to the many lives (both HIV positives and negatives) being destroyed across the world every day by the dogma that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Roberto A. Giraldo – The website of Dr. Roberto Giraldo, Physician specialist in internal medicine, infectious and tropical diseases. Independent AIDS researcher. Member of the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel.

Gary Null – your guide to natural living – offering three outstanding videos on AIDS: Deconstructing the AIDS Myth, AIDS: A Second Opinion, and AIDS: The Untold Story.

The Infectious Myth – A radio show covering many scientific issues, including HIV and AIDS.


Rethinking AIDS – This is the official website of the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis. It contains archives of their past newsletters, a large original document library, detailed information about the Group, who belongs to it, and how to join. There is also a Facebook Group and Twitter account.

Office of Medical and Scientific Justice – This is the organization spearheading the legal challenges to the HIV tests, instrumental in the recent (June 2012) decision by a military judge to acquit an Army sergeant of aggravated assault for failing to disclose his HIV “status” to sexual partners, based on the evidence that raised serious doubts about what an “HIV test” actually tests for.

Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives – a non-profit education, action and support network founded by a group of HIV-positive-diagnosed people who live in wellness without AIDS drugs and without fear of AIDS. Lots of information and regularly updated.

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) New York (NY)

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Toronto

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) London

The Perth Group