HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Denis C

I have stopped with ARV some years ago and my health has improved very much! Better, my doctor was astonished as he told me I wold die as my CD4 start lowering to 124, but that was normal and after some months they start rising. They won’t see me there again.


(Editor’s Note: Denis runs two websites in Portuguese. One deals with the question of HIV and AIDS,, and the other deals with natural treatments for HIV,

I have consistently refused to post any information on any of my HIV/AIDS websites that suggest any form of treatment for HIV for some very simple reasons. 1) It has never been scientifically proven that HIV causes AIDS or does any other damage to the human body, or is anything else than a harmless passenger virus, and therefore there is nothing to “treat”. 2) The so-called HIV tests have never been scientifically proven to detect antibodies to HIV, nor HIV infection, and therefore there is no scientific evidence that anyone testing HIV-Positive actually has HIV, and once again there is nothing to “treat.” 3) CD4 cell counts vary widely from individual to individual, and have recently been proven by peer-reviewed scientific studies to NOT be an indication of HIV infection. 4) Viral Load measurements, especially of HIV by PCR, are meaningless, according to the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR, Dr. Kary Mullis. 5) If someone who is HIV-Positive is sick, they should be “treated” for whatever disease they have completely independent of their so-called HIV-Positive diagnosis.

In short, I did not want to give any credence to any of the HIV=AIDS theories by suggesting that anything associated with an HIV-Positive diagnosis needed to be “treated.” However, I decided to post this letter simply as another example of someone living a healthy and happy life without the HIV drugs commonly prescribed by the medical and AIDS establishment. Posting this letter in no way suggests or recommends any treatment offered by Denis’ website or anyone else.)