HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Dennis L

Update on Dennis L by Roger H received October 14, 2012

My name is Roger and I was Dennis’s life partner for over 12 years. He submitted his story to your site about 6 years ago and has received (and answered) many e-mails over the years from people reading your site.

I’m terribly sorry to have to tell you that Dennis passed away at the end of May this year at the age of 57, having been exposed to HIV possibly for as long as 37 years. He had been feeling ‘not quite right’ for some time and we found out, too late, that he had stomach cancer with lesions in his brain. He stayed true to his pharmaceutical-free approach to HIV to the end. He was an amazing example of what dedicated self-care can do to maintain one’s health under the most challenging circumstances. It is not clear whether the cancers were HIV-related and since  he did not choose to consider anti-retroviral drugs  we did not investigate. We did what we could to alleviate the symptoms and his end was tranquil and pain-free.

Dennis inspired many people to look into their health options more deeply and not just take the Western system’s recommendations without thought. Primarily he encouraged people to take responsibility for building and maintaining their health through healthy diet, moderate exercise, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, loving self and others and avoiding negatives such as late night partying, smoking, excessive alcohol and recreational drugs. He used natural remedies and supplements as opposed to swallowing the promises of the drug companies. His approach allowed him to live a full, healthy, active, happy and loving HIV-drug free life for over 30 years.

Dennis L’s original article

I was in the San Francisco area in the 70’s before we knew about HIV or safer sex and was exposed by unprotected sex. In 1979, I got sicker than I’d ever been in my life and after this super-intense “flu”, my lymph nodes stayed swollen for 5 months —- the give-away in hindsight that I’d been exposed.

I’d been studying holistic healing and nutrition for many years at the point I finally got tested —1988 —- and resolved from the start to engage in self-healing. It’s been quite a journey. My partner of 16 years died of AIDS — or more likely fear combined with the AIDS drugs — in 1993, and I soon developed AIDS myself with a systemic candidiasis condition. It was a very sad and scary time for me — and lonely — and having 20 or so intensely painful canker sores in my mouth constantly was trying. I went to an AIDS doc since my natural therapies weren’t clearing up the problem, just to see if they had any solutions for me. This guy was so totally lame about the big picture of health and healing that it just confirmed to me that I was on the right track.

I now am with a new partner, and we have 6 years together. He’s HIV- and not afraid that I’m going to infect him or die on him anytime soon. It’s wonderful. HIV has definitely been a huge motivator and teacher for me. I have created a really good life and am in better health than most folks I know who are 50. I teach a class called “A Holistic Approach to Immune Health” at several schools of natural healing, and always get a great response.

I consider myself an expert on immune health, since I’ve been studying and practicing what I know as if my life depends on it! I was licensed for many years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, so besides my personal experience and research, I have professional training.

Dennis L.