HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I’m a woman aged 32. I was diagnosed with hiv 5 years ago and I have never been on any HIV drug. It was at the time I was pregnant that I was tested positive. The doctor summoned my husband and he was tested positive too, we were advised to be on medication because our CD4 count were low – mine was 265. I even got the medicines.

Then I went home. After I read the symptoms of the drugs I told my husband I can’t take the medicines. 2 months later I had a baby boy and my husband continued taking the medicines but a few months later his health started going down. At first he suffered from minor sorts of diseases like flu, fever diarrhea etc., but 6 months after he started the medication he became severely ill and he was admitted to the hospital where it was found that he had meningitis. A month later he died.

After one year since I first checked my CD4 count, I re-checked and found that it had raised to 377. When my son was 2 years he got sick and he was admitted to the hospital and because his card states that he was born from the parents who were HIV positive , the doctor had to carry out the HIV test on the boy. The results were shocking to the doctor because he was found negative. I have been living with a HIV for 5 years now without being sick or being admitted to the Hospital. I live a positive life and I am very healthy. There has never been a day when I failed to go to work because I was sick.

My conclusion is that the HIV medications makes it worse for some people. For instance, what happened to my husband despite his consistency taking the drug, he still suffered from AIDS stage 4, meaning he was bedridden.

My advice to people is make a right choice for your own health. No one should dictate what you have to do with your health.