HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I live in South Africa and am now, in 2013, 31 years of age. I was ‘diagnosed’ with HIV in October of 2005 when I was 23 years old.  I am a white woman from an affluent family and I have tertiary education in the field of psychology – currently doing my honours degree – have never used drugs and was not promiscuous.  I am, therefore, not in any risk group for HIV/AIDS.

Unfortunately, I succumbed to the pressures to use the ARVs when my GP who originally gave me the news of my status prescribed Retrovir [aka AZT] immediately after my diagnosis even though my immune system was between 400 and 500 (I do not remember the exact number) and my viral load only 40!!!  I used the drug against my better knowledge (but not as vast a knowledge as I possess today) for approximately a week before my GP advised that he had made a mistake prescribing the drugs to me in the first place, and referred me to a virologist that suggested I do not use any ARVs until such time as my CD4 count drops below 200.  Luckily I was not on the medication for long enough to experience any side effects or damage to my vital organs.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where I was taught to think for myself and not blindly follow what authorities, ‘experts’ and the like propagate, especially if their reasoning lies outside that which is logically sound, which is what I soon found the HIV=AIDS hypothesis to be – completely illogical.  Pretty much from the outset of my diagnosis, I decided to stay in a positive frame of mind regarding my health and my mother and myself set about the rigorous task of research into HIV/AIDS.   It was not too long before we came across multiple persons and health programs for the safe and effective treatment of AIDS and even some that are hopeful for curing HIV completely, i.e., going from HIV+ to HIV– (there are numerous cases of exactly this on record).

At first I read a book by the late Dr Hulda Clark: “The Cure for HIV & AIDS”.  She is also well known for her other books: “The Cure for All Diseases” & “The Cure for Advanced Cancers”.  Although I found her research very fascinating and am sure that her proposed program would work, it was a little too complicated to follow practically and acquiring some of the necessary ingredients was often difficult, but avoiding toxins proved to be the most difficult of all.  The one bit of information which I did take to heart from her work was the importance of detoxing as well as clearing the system of parasites (also a detox).  It is easy to see how people can develop immune dysfunctions in this day and age, where most foods we ‘live’ off of are toxin laden, dead and processed.  It has no life sustaining qualities.  Add to this the toxin exposure from air and water pollution, not to mention all the toxins in our personal care products and it genuinely is not surprising that we, as a species are getting sicker.

I then came across Tine Van Der Maas and her “Power to the people” program.  Tine was formerly a nurse here in South Africa, but she now devotes most of her time to under privileged persons with diseases, but no adequate medical care available, amongst these are diabetes, cancer, cataracts, asthma and AIDS.  Tine does not make use of any conventional medicine in spite of her medical background.  She cures, yes CURES, (not treats) people of their diseases via diet alone.  Her program encourages the consuming of as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, while avoiding dairy, sugar, processed foods (including soya) and even cutting back on meat.  Alcohol, smoking and drugs are also avoided, of course.  She then recommends to add some basic ingredients (quantities and methods can be found on her blog: which are relatively inexpensive and easily attainable by most, including: garlic, ginger, lemons and olive oil.

After about 5 months had passed since my diagnosis, I returned to my GP to monitor my ‘condition’ in order to see where my viral load (VL) and CD4 counts were: much to everybody’s surprise my VL had remained constant at only 40 and my CD4 count had increased to over 600.  After this good news I realised that I could relax regarding this virus as I did not recognise it as any kind of threat anymore.  I then reverted back to my ‘normal’ lifestyle, which was relatively healthy.  I continued for a number of months to monitor my blood work and although my VL increased steadily over time, my CD4 count remained stable between 600 and 700.  I now know that these levels mean nothing as there are few systems in the human body as poorly understood as the immune system.  Where some diseases cause the immune cells to increase, yet others cause them to decrease and nobody really understands why.  I have not been for blood tests for a number of years now, at least not for the PCR.  I have been for the ELISA a number of times since in the hopes of having it come back negative after trying out some alternative therapies.  However, I now realise that it does not help to attack HIV directly in the hopes of attaining a negative test as it is uncertain what exactly the HIV tests are testing for.  Due to the Perth Group I now understand that the tests are picking up on oxidative stress, which can have many causes and are all a natural response of the body to physical and/or psychological or emotional stress, and most certainly not infectious.

It is now almost 8 years since my diagnosis and I am in much better health than most of the HIV negative people I know.  I’ve never had flu (touch wood) in my life, only a cold once a year, which has been largely absent, since my diagnosis of HIV…

Like most people who have received a diagnosis which carries the stigma of HIV/AIDS, I too feel robbed of some of the best years of my life.  I have been in two relationships since my diagnosis, both of which were HIV negative and knew of my status.  Before them I had only had one intimate relationship, which I was supposedly infected from (assuming that HIV is infectious and sexually transmitted, which I doubt due to vast evidence) as he did test HIV positive whereafter I was advised to be tested as well.

After the break-up of my last relationship I am not sure whether I will ever be in a relationship again, as I am rather tired of having to ‘convince’ others of the harmless nature of HIV.  It is something that I am not proud of having been diagnosed with purely because of the stigma attached to such a label.  Most of my friends and family are aware of my status and they are supportive or at least continue to treat me normally and with respect.  I do believe that the truth will come out and I already see evidence of it happening as people are much more open to hearing alternative explanations for AIDS.  I also find it so much easier when browsing the net, to come across ‘new’ dissident information surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Sites like this one are most important for people who have been wronged by the medical community due to what can only be described as an utter lack of interest in the facts and objective research.  It is most disheartening to realise that the very people who are meant to help humanity are but wolves in sheep’s clothing, interested only in their own capital gain, irrespective of the costs it holds for those who are to become their victims.  How did medical ‘science’ become such an unquestionable authority on human lives?  There is a mindless, religious-like faith among those who practice medicine (and the vast majority who make use of their, often, ill advice and medications) based on very little, if any evidence at all – and they dare to call this science???!!!  In what world are we living if we are no longer allowed to question scientific findings?  How can reputable scientists be silenced for proposing an alternative cause for a disease when after 30 years of ‘scientific’ research, together with billions of dollars in funding, the best technologies available to date and apparently some of the best scientific minds working on the issue have failed?  Is it not time to consider that the originally accepted hypothesis could be incorrect?  The only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that there are institutions that do not want the truth to see the light of day, as it will mean the loss of billions of dollars in grants as well as in medicine sales and unnecessary medical procedures.  Hundreds of thousands will eventually be unemployed and the economy will take a serious knock. It will be most difficult for medical science to recover from such a ‘mistake’ as faith will be lost in the integrity of the profession.

As George Orwell so very eloquently put it:

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

May this information find its way to those who need it most!