HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Greg W

I’m new to this group and this new lease on life. A bit about me and my experiences that have brought me to this point….

I had no idea that my wishful thinking over the past 5 years was actually based on facts. I lived in London for 9 years and had a great time. Did the usual things that any young, free, randy guy does, partied hard and took recreational drugs. (My girlfirend at the time was doing the same.) I caught syphillis and they decided to test for HIV. I had had hep B 10 years earlier and never been treated for it. (South Africa).

I was obviously stamped with the death sentence in the process. (After one test, don’t know which one, WB or Eli) I discussed it with my g/f and she went for a test a few days later. (She was pregnant at the time too, we didn’t know though.) Through ignorance, we told them I was newly diagnosed, so obviously, in combination with the pregnancy, another death stamp.

Our relationship was losing its zing and with the the sudden shock of imminant death, we split. She decided to abort.

I continued to have check ups and was monitored like a lab rat. A year went by and I met someone, bit of a whirlwind time and a year later we were married. We never used condoms and we did have a very good sexlife. Although the marriage didn’t last long, we did have unprotected sex regularly for just over 2 years. She is still negative to this day.

I have been single now for 2 years, kind of drifted off into this isolated, lonely way of life. 2 months ago I started having really severe heart palpitations. I’m 34 and still in good shape, but these pains made me keel over in pain and shock of an imminent heart attack. I also had marks on my hands and blemishes on my face. I decided to Google side effects of HIV meds…. and I stumbled onto Clark Baker’s report.

That night I stayed awake all night reading up on as much as I could. One link lead to another, more evidence to justify my last 5 years. Everything that occured through these years was being explained, it was all clear. All the missing pieces where falling into place. That was on the 08/08/08, lucky 8’s, the Chinese lucky number.

I have not taken meds since then. (It has been a real psychological rollercoaster… every ache or twinge or bump sends fear shooting through me; but hey, that’s what they designed it to do.) The heart palpitations stopped immediately, the skin blemishes are almost gone, I’ve gained 2kgs in weight and I feel great.

I went for my quarterly check up and blood tests last week and am awaiting the results. It was interesting too seeing the marketing all over the GUM clinic, seeing it as pharma drug wars shouting at me as I walked through the room, rather than the hope these posters used to give me before, like a man on a cross…

I asked my doctor some leading questions, like what does the test actually test for, and why is this virus selective… she kept sidestepping them. I didn’t want to persevere, I had my answers already. Then, to top it off, she asked me if I would rather have meds delivered to my house rather than collecting them, as this saves them from paying vat on the meds…. yup, the middleman clinic making money on the home delivery service. Wish my past ‘drug dealers’ had offered this service.

I want to thank Clark for the eye opening report and also for telling me about this group. I’ll be updating my progress and I look forward to learning so much more from all of you and to a normal life again.

Greg W.

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