HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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February 2007 I had the flu and I was very ill. I lost my appetite and ate very little for over 3 weeks. Consequently I lost about 14 pounds.

I went to the doctor and she recommended that I take an HIV test. I told her that I had the Flu before and I recovered. She insisted that I take the test and never informed me of any of the information listed on your site Are You Positive?“.

The test came back positive and I was informed that I had that disease. I started to recover after the diagnosis which to this very day I feel is WRONG. They recommended that I take drugs and I refused. They even had some women from the CDC call me.

I had my blood tested on the electron microsope and the Doctor said if I had that disease the number would have been low, but my number was very high. I forget exactly what he checked in my blood, but the result was great.

In any event, I gained my weight back and then some. Ouch! When I was sick my weight went down to about 164 lbs. Currently I weigh 184 pounds. I have had 2 colds since February of 2007. I know for a fact that I don’t have anything, not hiv, not cancer, hepatitis etc. All I have is great health.