HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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January, 2019

It has been exactly 10 years since I got diagnosed with HIV. In 2009 I was undergoing a health checkup during which I was told that I was HIV positive. The doctor informed me that, according to the test results, I would live for only a couple of years at most, unless I started the anti-viral therapy right away. At that time i made a decision not to take anti-hiv drugs. i have never taken any sort of arv to this day. 
During the past 10 years I haven’t been seriously sick nor taken another hiv test nor did the relevant blood work (i.e. CD4 cells count, viral load, etc). 
Today, I’m in my early thirties, live a normal healthy life, regularly work out, don’t drink or smoke and plan on keeping living for many years. 
I don’t know if hiv is the cause of aids, or if my decision not to take hiv drugs is right or wrong, but so far I’m happy with the choices I have made. 
There is no one i can talk to about it openly but I hope my story will help others that happen to be in the same situation as me.

November, 2013

My name is ‘Ron’, I was diagnosed with ‘HIV’ in 2009 at the age of 23 during a medical check up. Prior to testing I recall my doctor asking me questions about my sexuality, my sexual partners and general questions about my sexual behaviour. I told her the truth. I am gay and have never had unprotected sex. I was shocked when the results came back as positive. I kept asking her if there could be any mistake, or maybe the test was a false positive? “not a chance” was her response. She even told me I had couple of years at most to live unless I took ‘HIV’ drugs. Unconvinced of this test result I took another test on the same day. I don’t know why, but this time I said that I’m straight and have never had unprotected sex. Surprisingly the test came back negative. Confused and frustrated I decided to take 2 further tests at different establishments. One came back positive and the other negative. I didn’t know what to do. But I was certain that something was wrong.

I was looking through all the results I had when I saw a sentence on one of them saying that the test was ‘not designed to test for HIV’. I went online and searched for more information relating to ‘HIV’ and ‘AIDS’. Thankfully I found Rethinking AIDs and other similar sites that question this testing process. It didn’t take long for me to realize the scam about this super mega virus. Since then, I haven’t taken another ‘HIV’, nor taken any ARV’s or visited an ‘HIV specialist’. I’m very fit and healthy. Interestingly, my boyfriend took the blood test for an overseas work visa and it came back negative. We’ve been together for a few years, and have had unprotected sex both before and after my positive/negative testing experience.

My thoughts and questions on this issue: ‘HIV’ is the only virus that can descriminately choose to attack only gay males, predominately ignoring straight men and lesbians. Gay establishments are bombarded with advertisements for AIDS. Why? What about other diseases? Why does nobody ‘promote’ migraines or gonorrhea? Why are there thousands of ‘HIV/AIDS’ organizations and govt funds all around the world yet none for diabetes? Did Africa cure every other disease but ‘HIV’? Why did the African population double instead of everyone dying from ‘AIDS’? How did humans have sex for thousands of years without ‘HIV’ tests? Why are antibodies good for any disease except ‘AIDS’?

I conclude that this whole ‘HIV/AIDS’ thing is a huge scam for doctors and ‘AIDS’ organizations to earn money.

Anyways, I hope my story will help and inspire people to question the othodox ‘HIV/AIDs’ systems and beliefs and that one day, the truth will be told.

Regards ‘Ron’