HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I was diagnosed HIV positive 12 years ago in 2001. I have never taken any HIV medication, and I’ve had the same colds and flu as HIV negative individuals. I have been treated for those in the usual way, other than that I am a healthy 35 year old man.

I have been told repeatedly by different doctors through out the years that it is better to supress the virus with HIV meds but they’ve never convinced me to take them. I’ve met many HIV positive individuals who are on the HIV meds and they have all confirmed my suspicions about the meds with their terrible symptoms and health complications caused by the meds. Most of the time you can visibly tell when a person is on HIV meds, many of them have trouble gaining weight, some develop a sort of sunken face, others have organ failure after a while of being on those meds and one individual who is what they call “non-detectable” has lost an alarming amount of weight and stated he suffers from numbness and pain in his legs and feet.

From my experince through out the years, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to stay off those toxic and dangerous HIV meds and just eat healthier, sleep well and use herbs like garlic. I do consume raw garlic and/or pills and have found it to do wonders for my over all health. I am going to reach 13 years being HIV positive and I am happy to say that I am healthy and have never taken any pills for HIV. I urge everyone who gets diagnosed with HIV not to take those meds, they will not help you. Change your eating habits, exercise and sleep well. Do not let those doctors convince you to take the meds, HIV meds have been in an experimental stage for more than a decade, instead of looking for a better alternative for an experiment that has gone terribly wrong, doctors and scientists keep encouraging people to take them even when it has been proven that they harm, more than they help the body. I will come back to this website from now on every  and post that I’m still living and healthy without HIV meds with the hope that someone reads my story and does not take those dangerous drugs, you can live a healthy life without them!