HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Greg B

It’s difficult to know how to tell “my story,” hard to know when to begin.

Even before I tested “positive” in 1998, AIDS and HIV were part of my life and awareness. My best friend died in 1991 after less than two years of “meds” and I believed it was AIDS, of course. I was in my early-to-mid-twenties in the early 1980s when “gay cancer” and “GRID” were the terms in use, before “HIV” or “AIDS” had become the accepted terminology.

From the early days, I didn’t think I could understand the “science” and “virology” of all this, so like most other folk, I put my trust in doctors and professional scientists and believed what we were all being told. I remember a bit of relief when it was announced that “the cause” — HIV — had been found.

I regret I didn’t do my “homework” until so much later.

In 1998, I caught a flu-like illness and, because I am allergic to penicillin, was treated with Sulfa, to which I had a severe allergic reaction. Returning to the doctor who prescribed it, it was recommended that I take an HIV test which came back positive. A week or two later I was over the flu, and got on with my life as before.

In 2005 I suffered from a urinary tract infection and my doctor, an HIV “specialist”, said that my T-count (or whatever it is they use to decide these things) had fallen below 500 and I was put on the newest “cocktail” drug, Atripla. I was minimally employed at the time and was directed to a charity group that helps cover the costs of the very expensive “meds” used to treat HIV. In 2008 I was again employed full-time and those payments were made by the insurance I had through my job. In 2011, I was fired for very manipulated and invented reasons. For the next several months I made COBRA payments, so my insurance would be maintained for the drugs I thought I needed to stay alive. COBRA benefits last less than a year, so I began to research what might happen if I were forced to stop taking them.

In 2011, I began to wean myself off the one-pill-a-day dose I’d been on for nearly six years. It was shortly before then that I’d noticed a pain in my hips which I now believe was the first noticeable side-effect from years of taking a substance that is intended to stop my DNA-production. (A close friend and “ex” has been taking a different “cocktail” for longer than I had been and recently had both hips replaced.)

When I began my “homework” I had two basic questions — What happens if someone stops taking HAART? knowing how the early AIDS drugs (AZT and ddI, one of which my best friend had taken before his death in 1991) were very toxic, I wanted to know. My other question was —  Do the current drugs have the same ingredients? I didn’t find good answers for either of my questions. But I hadn’t expected to find out what I did — that the very basics of “HIV causes AIDS” were manipulated, exaggerated, and falsified. I mean, this was “science” after all, right? I didn’t know that our trust in “science” has been as abused as trust in religion has been abused throughout history.

I’d seen “House of Numbers” a year or two before I began my “homework” but it hadn’t had much effect on me; I was complacent and comfortable taking a pill every day that my doctor thought appropriate to my health. When I re-watched it, I began to take it more seriously. Still, I didn’t want to throw my trust from doctors and scientists to a minority fringe group that seemed very small and outcast.

At first I decided to investigate the basic claim of the “dissidents” — that the proof “HIV causes AIDS” was questionable. I found that claim to be independently verifiable. The papers of Dr. Gallo that are the basis for all “HIV/AIDS” research since clearly show that HIV was present in only 36% of his study group of AIDS patients. If HIV even exists, which is debatable, it is clearly the “wrong man.” If the basic thread of a theory is false, then all the work that is based on it is also wrong, which is how I explain away all the “science” of the 1990s and since.

A few other minor pieces of information that swayed my informed opinion of this entire fiasco are these: All blood tests positive if undiluted (by Roberto Giraldo) and a new awareness that the CDC and American “medicine” in general use a military model (think “Surgeon General”) — where orders come from the top down and no dissent is possible, not even something to consider.

On one of the last nights I took my Atripla, I realized the drugs were meant to kill me. I was being used as a mule to launder drug money — from my insurance company to the drug companies, from charity groups to the drug companies, from personal savings to the drug companies, all this was business as usual, death-for-profit. I have an unopened bottle of Atripla on my shelf to this day and that’s how it will stay.

In the following months I continued my reading, beyond the internet. Two books I found very informative were Celia Farber’s excellent “Serious Adverse Effects” and John Crewdson’s “Science Fictions” which exposes how fraudulent the creation of “HIV tests” was. It is frightening that our government could investigate and uncover this man’s errors but do nothing to expose him because those very tests were too profitable for both him and the government. “Follow the money” and you’ll learn that HIV/AIDS is a business more than a science, and a profitable one, one not likely to be taken down by such inconveniences as “truth” or “compassion.”

From Farber’s book I learned that most “support groups” and “HIV clinics” are funded entirely by the companies that make the drugs that are killing us (by which I mean gay men, the clearcut target group for this medical murder). I’ve since learned this the hard way, by being banned from several groups whose stated mission is to allow those of us who are “poz” to share information and experiences. Since I have stopped taking the drugs, I am no longer qualified to share my learning and research, I am on my own, very much on my own.

It was helpful to find a Facebook group for those who question the decades of lies that have contributed to the deaths of friends and so many more, men I will never be able to meet.

I was struck by how often in my internet searches I found people who said something along the lines of; “The ones who take the meds die. Those who don’t are still alive.” I also found that most who die from “AIDS” have died from side effects of the drugs, not from any illnesses that defined AIDS when it was first named. This was certainly true of a new friend who died of “liver cancer” around 2007 after years of taking HAART.

So for the next months, as I had twelve years earlier, I waited and wondered, “Will I start to get sick now and die very soon?” I haven’t. I’ve learned a new focus on diet and nutrition. For 15 years I’ve had a supposed “killer virus” that has left me healthy as the next person (or healthier), scarred only by the stress of questioning “experts” and “doctors” and such.

I could do more research, but I feel I’m living proof that HIV does not mean imminent death. The concept of “long-term whatever” they claim some of us to be who have lived a long time, with or more likely without their toxic drugs, is another lie meant to cover their first one. It’s a vicious tragedy of errors which they will never reverse. I learned in childhood the cost of telling a lie is to be forced to tell another then another and another. I don’t think the doctors and “scientists” have learned this lesson yet.