HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I was diagnosed as HIV positive back in July 1986 when my husband had fallen ill and when in the hospital they had given him an HIV test. That obliged me to take the test although I did not want to. You have to remember that this was in the very early days of the ‘discovery’ of HIV and I was living in France at the time. I got the feeling that the doctors in the hospital were actually excited to have a patient with HIV that they could experiment on.

My husband was ill for a few weeks but completely recovered. He had been a user of cocaine and unbeknownst to me had been seeing a prostitute from time to time and this, we believe is where the HIV could have come from.

Anyway, he started taking some of the drugs proposed, but stopped the AZT after one month as it was making him sicker. I refused to take any drugs. I had never been sick, there were no symptoms of illness and at the time the doctors pushed me to get with the programme otherwise I would die. I told them they could experiment on others but not on me !

The vast majortity of the ‘establishment doctors’ are ignorant cretins. They do not know all about HIV and they are part of the big business that HIV has become. At the time I read as much as I could, but in those days the internet was in its infancy and HIV was touted as a definite death sentence.

My husband and I split up after a couple of years and went our own separate paths. 23 years since I was labelled HIV positive I am still as healthy as I ever was. I get maybe a couple of colds or a bout of flu a year and that is it, like any normal person.

I whole heartedly believe that these anti-viral drugs are pure poison. My ex-husband came off them and his health improved,. I have no contact with him nowadays but heard he was doing fine through friends 3 years ago.

I still live with the awful stigma of my friends or family finding out that I have tested positive. I have had 4 tests now in 3 different countries so therefore I accept that I have the antibodies in my system which show that I have been exposed to the virus, but I believe that this only shows that my body built up its own immunity to fight off the so called virus. I do not believe however that HIV = AIDS. I discovered Peter Duesberg’s work online about a year ago and everything he says – and his fellow researchers whose work and results have been suppressed by Big Pharma – makes perfect sense to me.

In much of what I’ve read it is the LIFESTYLE of the HIV positive person which is a major factor in that person’s health, NOT whether they have tested positive for HIV. I ask everyone to stay in a’ positive’ state of mind and to read Duesberg’s work and use the tool of the internet to find the research of alternative scientists. The most important thing for your life is DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE DRUGS proposed by your doctors. Find a homeopathic doctor, eat REAL foods, not processed. Stay away from sugary foods also – sugar suppresses the immune system, do not smoke and get a moderate amount of exercise weekly. Other than that, enjoy your life! HIV does NOT = AIDS and does not = death, unless you kill yourself with Big Pharma’s drugs. In the immortal words of Mr Spock… “Live Long and Prosper.” I know I will !