HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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April, 2019

The lies of HIV and AIDS, the number of people the meds have killed. Fake virus and hysteria. As an “HIV” positive man since 1998, this is what they have told me.

I have stopped listening to those killer doctors and stopped taking those poisonous meds. It’s been over 3 years now. And I have not looked back. 

My advice? Get outta the brainwashing and hysteria they put you in!!! 

These meds will kill you slowly, the only difference from the early 1980’s is that the drugs are just diluted more, so you can take them for ten or twenty years and then they can blame our deaths on liver failure and heart attacks, cancer, etc. 

HIV may exist but it’s not a killer. No virus stays dormant for ten or twenty years then comes out and kills…and all the other lies they tells us . 

Lifestyle and mindset makes the difference. Stop listening to the doctor!! They told me I would die 20 years ago. They told me I would die every two years since then if I stopped taking medications! They threatened not to see me anymore if I didn’t comply .. they wouldn’t re-test me , they told me it’s already been done in 1998, but where is the original paper saying that!?? They can’t provide it.

They scared me with viral loads and CD4 T Cell counts. These are just lies to keep you taking the pills and keep you scared and under their control. Get away!!! Do your research!! We have the internet now . Get outta of the lie!

I’ve lived it and I am still living it. How many years do I need to not be taking these deadly medications before “they” say I’m not HIV+. This horrible stigma follows you and stalks you for a lifetime. Stop taking these pills, stop seeing your “specialist Doctors “, HIV AIDS is not and has never been in you, you were brainwashed and put into a hysteria.

If I went to my doctor today, first of all they prob wouldn’t even agree to see me because of my choice to stop the ARVs. And second they would still say I will get sick and die within a year or two, if not sooner, They would say I won’t be able to bring up my immune system again. They tell so much lies.

But I’m living proof they are wrong. Once you get it into your mind you’ve been tricked and understand that HIV may exist but it’s not the killer. Now, I feel great: emotionally, physically and mentally. Better than throughout all the years of being slowly poisoned by those meds. My body has suffered lipodystrophy terribly, I’ve suffered ignorance and discrimination, I’ve sufferered in relationships because of the stigma attached. I’ve gone through depressions and self esteem issues. I was scared of dying, and all the horrible things that follow on from being told you have HIV.

So, no more running away, nor secrets in my life. I’m HIV-uninfected and always was. Thank God I’ve awakened to the truth before it killed me

Update, September 2019

2019 is a very special year for me. From the end of January until the end of May I was not really feeling well. there where strange symptoms and so I finally agreed to visit Prof. Harrer in the University Clinic in Erlangen, Germany. He is a doctor and a researcher in the HIV field for almost 40 years. He seems like an honest man and he listens and explains carefully. After the consultation I had a hard week of doubt and struggling. I felt like a betrayer and I was afraid of the side effects, but finally I started with the treatment. I cannot really explain what happened inside of me, but I think a big item to the „yes” was the prospect that other people wouldn’t think of me as infectious anymore. I realised, what a big burden that fact had been over the last 9 years. I take „Bictarvy“ 1 tablet a day since 3 month by now. So far I have no side effects. After 3 weeks of the treatment the HIV-1-RNA is already down to <20 copies. I still have a very ambivalent feeling about the whole thing, but I am willing to continue the now chosen way even when I think Dr. Köhnlein and all the others cannot be wrong.  Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between an I hope, one day it will be discovered.