HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1998. I do not believe what we are told about HIV and what it does or does not cause. I do not take the poison they prescribe and I am doing fine. I’m curious if anyone is studying people like me, that have lived with this “deadly” virus for so many years and are still as healthy as can be. Am I a freak of nature? Do I have something others don’t that keeps me healthy? Is the science as presented all a bunch of bullshit? Having HIV, or I should say the stigma that goes with it, has cost me so much in my life, ie. jobs, friends, lovers, family, happiness, and so much more. I want the HIV question answered, so people in the future don’t have to go through life as I have. The drug companies have made enough, it’s time to set things straight.