HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I tested positive while I was pregnant and my husband has tested negative many times. The last test he did was 2 weeks ago and its still negative. I have posted my story here before.

I went through stress and torture during my pregnancy, I am still with my husband and he’s by on my side.  I feel they tricked me so much and put so much fear in me during my pregnancy until I gave in to taking the drugs. I was taking 5 drugs, twice per day. It’s because they told me I had a high viral load, they tested me late in my pregnancy and they wanted to bring my viral load down. I went through hell with these drugs. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I had hallucinations, diarrhoea, constipation, itchy skin and I became so skinny. I threw up everyday and I couldnt keep anything down. I almost looked like an AIDS patient. I had no energy and I couldn’t even go up stairs or down stairs in my own house, my husband had to support me. When I talked to the doctor about all these side efects he only told me that I had high viral load and some side effects were just my pregnancy. I remained strong because I was so afraid of infecting my baby.

When I was 35 weeks pregnant, my baby was small and estimated to be 6weeks behind in growth. He had completely stopped growing, though there was still a heart beat. I was scared to death. They decided to remove the baby and put him in an incubater to help with his growth. I have just given birth 3 weeks ago. and my baby is still in the hospital.

What hurts me the most is they feed the baby with drugs even though he is way too way small, being only 1.8kgs. He is not tolerating the drugs and yet he’s taking drugs twice a day, he has very bad reflux just like I suffered in my pregnancy. He cannot take my milk. I am going through so much pain seeing my baby like this, he has about 5 days untill the dose is finished,  I honestly cannot wait! I hate everybody in the hospital, the nurses and the doctors. They have tested my baby for HIV, and he’s negative. I have asked the doctors why they keep on pumping drugs in him, but all they say is that its recommended. He is yet to undergo another HIV test this friday, but I just dont understand why he has to do another test when the first was negative? I feel they have control over my baby, I have stopped taking the drugs myself because I need my energy levels back and I need to add weight.

I cant wait to take my baby home this weekend, thats what they told me. I hope the doctors keep their promise. I  would just advice pregnant women not to ever do the test. I went through a horrific pregnancy and I honestly believe those dugs affected my babies growth.