HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Somehow, after swallowing pills for about 10 years, I became sceptical about the whole system.

I was watching clips on YouTube, a women was talking about the trick, how they make healthy people swallow pills. The HIV-test is not a safe test, she said. The insert leaflet for the HIV-test is never shown to a customer. It would make them unsure about the whole hoax. The side effects of the HIV-medication are so similar to what text books describe as HIV/AIDS. Another clip on YouTube showed two parents talking about their child being diagnosed HIV-positive. She was about 4 years old and had started taking medicine. The medicine made her cry from the pain in her feet. The parents spoke a lot to the doctors. Finally they decided to stop giving their child any medication. Before having pain like this they faced the fact of watching their daughter die. After a few days or weeks without any medicine the pain in the feet of the girl was completely gone. The docs were saying that the child might live for about a year, maybe two, without taking medicine. The end of the story was, that the girl still lives today. Last words of the clip: she is 21, healthy and studying.

We are raised to believe, what is told by a doctor is fact, but these doctors are fed by big pharma, even Universities are ‘supported’ by big pharma. How will these doctors be able to judge what is wrong or right? I guess most of them don’t have a clue of what they are doing.

I have stopped taking any HIV-pills for about half a year now and am feeling better than ever. Remembering what is healthy I create my day. For me, sport is healthy, and also my diet. I eat almost no meat, milk, cream, or butter, and I  eat more veggies and more vegan products. Eat less sugar (avoiding sugar free products with chemical sweetener shit in it). All that helps. This is not new science, we all know this.

Some of the side effects I had: being very tired, having head aches, getting weak (losing muscles). But the biggest side effect was the fact, that the doc who made the test, was a friend of mine, his son went to the same class at middle and high school as me. First thing he did, he told his kids and his wife about my medical result. These Kids told their best friends about it and suddenly my HIV-story was pretty well known. No one was asking directly “is it true?” or “how do you feel?”. I felt pretty soon alienated. I lost trust in my friends and even in my close family. Finding no regular work makes you think about: what do they know about me?

Very slowly I found some good friends and meanwhile I even have a cute and sexy girlfriend. She knows all the facts of my medical history and is intelligent enough to understand the business of selling pills to mankind. She supports me and all my decisions I am going to make concerning HIV.

Right now I am reading a book by Dr. Heinrich Kremer, who is writing about big mistakes which where made in the beginning with AIDS. He assumes that the patients in 1980s were handled wrong. I don’t know if the book is available in english language “the silent revolution in cancer and aids medicine” – Heinrich Kremer. So worth reading it!

Some might know about the Chemtrail-Clouds they spray worldwide. We cannot stop breathing, but instead of running outside we might think about go swimming at an indoor public pool.

The world has changed quite a bit. Stay alive! Live long and prosper, and keep questioning the common shit.

Love and respect to all.

Sincerely Andy