HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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My name is Portia.

I tested positive 12 years ago. I still recall when I went to see the GP my body was very weak, he took a blood test without telling me that he was doing an HIV test. A few weeks later he phoned me to go to his surgery, he said I was positive and I’m gonna die within 6months.

I was so shocked, I remember driving home talking to myself, God please if I have to die, i don’t wanna get sick, a heart attack or car accident would be better. I don’t wanna look like those skeleton people who died of Aids, I decided to keep my status to myself, because I couldn’t trust anyone, not even my own mother. I think positively and I refuse to be a victim.

I don’t blame anyone but myself. In 2008 i fell pregnant, a condom burst and I decided not to have an abortion. I went to the clinic, I took medication to protect my beautiful daughter from getting infected, she’s now 6 years old and HIV negative. After I gave birth with c section, I stopped using the medication. I don’t get sick, except if have flu, and I normally treat it within a week using my Grandmas’ old remedies.

My cd4 count is 948, I believe my system has to function for itself,  and maybe one day I will be too sick, but for now being positive minded, eating healthy and not feeling pity for myself, is my way of going forward.