HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Andy Lindsay

I was registered as a drug addict as a teenager at 17. When HIV/AIDS came along, a girl whom I’d been seeing told me she thought I should go for a test as she had tested positive. I have to say, before the test I was drug free for around 4 weeks having physically gone cold turkey again! (That was the easy bit). I had just turned 21 years old.

Off I went, and was told my test was positive on 2nd June 1986. One month later, having been given a death sentence, I was caught with the drugs that were intended to end my life. Off to prison I went for two years, where there were even more drugs on the inside than the out on the streets.

I came to a decision for myself after moving into my new home and getting into a fight over drugs that if I was ever going to come off drugs, barricading my door at home was not the answer, it had to be done with sheer will power, because I wanted my self respect back, for my family to once again be proud of who I am and as far as HIV was concerned, I thought my mind could overcome anything if I could just chuck this drug habit.

After 18 months of just saying no to the heroin in my head, the mental torture, I finally expelled her from my mind and got all the emotions back which heroin had eradicated from my soul.

I had been attending physical exercise in prison for the last 6 months, taking classes, working as a joiner in between and playing football for the prison hall team. I was getting ready for society again.

I had seen my neighbours murdered by their own friends, seen the rapists and child molesters tortured, taken part in prison demonstrations, lived through riots, been locked up for fighting again – only this time because I would not take a back seat to some guy with a grudge against me but stood up for my rights and ended up in solitary for days.

I watched a friend go to pieces after telling everyone he’d he had HIV through a test given in prison. He was blackballed, no one spoke to him except myself and one other for over 15 months.

Six months later, on 2nd July 1988, I was released.

I had told not a soul, I was the only one that knew apart from my doctor.

My life started again, living with HIV on the outside, not knowing when I was going to die, living from week to week, feeling extremely healthy apart from this thing which was now in my mind that would not go away.

It was there from the 2nd of June in 1986 when I got my death sentence. I’d had my back to watch for the previous two years so did not really think about it all that much, I was too busy regaining my mind, thinking about tasting freedom and fighting to stay out of trouble.

Moving on, job offers came and went, relationships never happened, the AIDS propaganda was getting ever bigger and I was begining to feel ever smaller.

I sold my home and moved on as my girlfriend of five years in 2000 told me she did not love me anymore. Femidom had gone off the market, the condoms kept bursting and I was too frightened of infecting her so I wouldn’t go near her. I made excuses. It broke my heart the day she left.

Fast forward to February 2010

I had been taking the HIV ARVs since 1996, these drugs interfered with my DNA, they had destroyed my cheeks, my bones were in agony for no reason, I was fatigued, I was near sleep halfway through a day. If I stood too long I’d cramp up, my cholesterol had almost tripled and my tryglicerides were shooting through the roof, I was on a statin and high dose fish oils to combat these, there were other tablets they gave me to counteract other side effects, my body was changing dramaticaly and I looked grey.

I had been studying law for about a year and a half in my free time, and at the bottom of a website was looking in the health section because I was wanting to try and give my immune system a boost.

Then I found a link about how Gallo’s work had not been proven. I followed this to many other links, reading constantly night and day, checking and cross-referencing. On the 2nd of March in 2010 I stopped taking my pills and never took any more from that day onward.

Has the HIV come back with a vengeance? NO.

Have all the ill effects I’d been having gone? YES.

Do I believe HIV causes AIDS? NO.

Why not? Because I have never seen the proof.

Have I asked to see it? YES.

Below is my letter asking for proof. My doctors have never checked to see how I am, so much for their duty of care. In fact, the last time they threw me out just for asking questions.

Patient no : *******
D.O.B. : 20 may 1965
Sex : MEdinburgh Specialist Virology Centre
Directorate of Laboratory Medicine
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
51 Little France Crescent
Edinburgh EH16 4SA

20th July 2010

Kate Templeton and virology specialists, I seek clarification from your documents so that I may act according to the common law. Although I’m sure that you think Professor Clifford Leen is in the best position to answer my questions, I can assure you he is not, the very unfortunate fact is that real science is not based on belief, which is what he bases his science on. I am simply requesting copies or links of the original documents showing proof of HIV=AIDS causation. I don’t think that is too much to ask, after 25 years of research, with MY tax money.

I have reviewed, in full, all of the documents Professor Clifford Leen suggested. I still cannot locate any scientific proof that HIV is responsible for killing t-cells and causing AIDS. If you could please direct me to the exact, specific evidence for this in your paperwork, I would be deeply indebted to you.

With regard to the Virologist’s entry to the Special Register and good working practice with patients under the patients charter and bearing in mind my doctors are following virology results given by your laboratory, relating to my blood test results held in your labs,

  1. Can you show me the proof that HIV exists?
  2. How was HIV isolated?
  3. Where and when HIV was isolated?
  4. Where is the paper and photographs that proves HIV was isolated?
  5. Where is the proof that HIV causes AIDS?
  6. Could you tell me whether co-factors are needed to make a positive HIV diagnosis along with the test kits provided to your laboratories which do the testing?
  7. I would like to know what the names of these test kits are, how they are used and whether there are specific tests for each of the test kits.
  8. Is there any link between consultant physician and virologist in making a decision on the best treatment for a patient using anti-retrovirals and if so what does this entail and how is this monitored and what after-care is there should a patient cease to take medication?

This electronic letter is a Notice, and should be taken as a legal and lawful request. I seek clarification of these documents so I may act according to the common law and maintain my entire body of God-given Natural Rights.

Failure to accept this offer to clarify and to do so completely and in good faith within 7 days will be deemed by all parties to mean you and your principal or other parties have failed to respond to my legal and lawful request.

Andrew Lindsay

The above letter was also sent to my GP, my consultant physician professor Clifford Lean and to Dr. Andy Leigh Brown, Head of Virology at Edinburgh University, The British HIV Association, the CDC, the FDA, and various other institutions. Not one reply has shown me any proof of anything I requested.

I am alive and well and I am not lying down to the evil bastards that perpetrated this crime against humanity, that are at the root cause of my friends deaths and the sick letters they send to people I have come to know. They are responsible for ruining one-third of my life expectancy.

Shoot me and you may live a little longer, but your children and your children’s children shall hear my name in their ears for all eternity if I have anything to do with it.

And before anyone even attempts the, “Oh, you should not have taken illegal drugs or slept with someone without a condom in the first place”, there is only one difference between a doctor and God and that is, God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.

Then this happened.

I waited months for a reply to the above letter sent to the virologists. I never got a reply. Not one.

About two months ago, I got a call out the blue from a nurse at the hospital. “Andrew, there is a space for you to go and get your liver scanned at the hospital, would you like it? You tell me what time and day and we will book you in.” This was the first correspondence from the hospital I’d had since stopping meds. I gave her a day and time. Phoned my lawyer and told her.

So, bearing in mind that in April I had admitted myself to hospital regarding my heart, I’d told them I’d had a sore kidney or liver, just curious to see what they would say. They checked all my baseline bloods in the accident emergency, and a “full normal blood count” came back!

So armed with this, off to the infirmary I went. I found the very busy ward. Looking over the desk I noted there was a whole bunch of stuff written after my name, mmm, I mused. The guy on the desk picked up the phone after I told him my name and he called someone. Without any further ado, this woman hurried round the corner and queue jumped me to the front and took me right away to a wee consulting room where a monitor sat on a trolly. She then explained to me there was a scanner attached to this monitor and it would send a pulse through my liver detecting if there was any damage which would show up on the monitor. Quizing her all the time I was asking how it worked and what she was looking at and for exactly. Ten pulse shots later I asked if the results work on a 1 to 10. No she replied, from 1 to 75 she said. Well Andrew, you are fine, there is nothing wrong with your liver according to our scanner, however you have tested positive for Hepatitis C so they will want to discuss medication with you at the other hospital. Not if I can help it they won’ I thought.

So I was now thinking, these virologists haven’t replied to my request for my virology records nor have they responded to my emails. I think I will go and speak to their legal guy. It was in the same hospital and as I am here I may as well.

So I asked reception if she could give the legal team a call and tell them I’d like to speak to them. Phone them yourself she said, use the in-house phone there and they will put you straight through. So I get this guy on the phone eventually, the one who replied saying he was complying with my request when it was not met though it would take 40 days. This was 90 days later now.

“Look pal”, I said, as he was patronising and telling me lies on the phone, “if you don’t comply with my request and bring my files to me now I will call the police”. “Call the police”, he said. I said “Is this how you treat people who are relying on information to make a life-changing decision?” He apologised and I hung up.

I asked the receptionist where the virology ward was, I was through waiting. She gave me directions and off I went. Two or three minutes later I was at the desk of the virology labs. “Hello”, I said, “could you please tell Kate Templeton that Andrew Lindsay is here to see her?”

I was now in a long corridor with a door at both ends with my back against the wall facing a counter. The lady replied after she came off the phone, “Kate will be here to see you shortly”, and I thanked her.

This is when it started getting weird!

After a few minutes of me standing and waiting the door that I’d entered from opened. In walk three security guards and go to the other end of the small corridor / lobby from me and start chatting amongst themselves. I thought, here we go!

Two minutes later a door opens on the opposite side of the lab and a man and a women walk directly towards me. “Can I help you?”, the woman said. “Are you Kate Templeton”, I replied . “No”, she said. “Well I’m here to see Kate”, I said. “What about?”,she asked. I said “I think that is between me and Kate Templeton don’t you?”. “Nothing I can help you with?”, she said. I said no. They then turned and went away. This happened again about two minutes later with another virologist coming to the counter looking inquisitive.

A few moments passed and I am looking past the counter thinking, weird, when I see people peeking through these shelves .

Just then, a lady in a pink jumper steadily walks across to me looking very stern and cross at me. She then stands in front of me and just stares. I looked either side of me, I am there alone apart from the guards along the other end. So I lean in and inquisitively ask her, “Can I help you?”

Her exact words were, “What do you want? There is nothing here for you, just go away!” I said “Excuse me?” She said, “There’s nothing here for you. Just go away!” I said, “Are you Kate Templeton?”

She then looked towards the guards and gestured over here at which point I said to one of the guards quickly, “Aye pal, come over here, I’d like a witness to what this woman has just said to me.”

I told her, repeat to this gentleman what you have just said to me. She clammed up looking furious. So I explained to the guard why I was there, who I was there to see and told him what this woman just said to me. The guard was great, he listened and obviously was interested in my well-being.

Therte was now a hornet’s nest behind the counter with lots of virologists there as I was making my presence felt and I wasn’t budging. She then told me the guards would take care of me.

I said, “I don’t need looking after Mrs. but you are worth watching!”.

At this point, Kate Templeton arrived on the scene introducing herself. Now, if you have ever met anyone that comes across as being easily influenced youl know what I mean when I say that I could feel that this woman Kate has had stuff kept from her. You know, told what to do.

So Kate and I and a guard went round the corridor and into her office. Upon entering I could see my offender up the corridor scowling and being calmed down by someone else, clearly worried about something.

I said to Kate Templeton in her office. “Kate, I’m a human being just like you. I can tell you are a good woman. My request for my files has never been met.” She said she had not recieved my request.

The legal department had lied.

Kate told me she had not received my request, but if I could get the legal guy from to send her the letter he sent to me she would comply with my request after I persuaded her that my files were part of my informed consent.

I picked up my files the following day and when I got home I thought they were the wrong ones so I didn&3146;t look at them properly until the following day, thinking that I’d wasted my time and signed for nothing.

To my horror, it turned out I’d tested NEGATIVE for hiv antigen in 1992 and 1993. This was 5 years before I went back to hospital when they conspired and deceived me into taking hiv drugs and they never told me I’d tested negative 5 years prior!

So if I tested positive for HIV antibody in 1986, according to science literature used today, this cannot be possible as an antigen or a protein is the capsid of a virus that an antibody attaches itself to. No antigen to hiv, no antibody to hiv.

In my hospital files, they speak of giving me AZT when I was totally opposed to any form of chemotherapy in 1997. They disguised this as an antibiotic for a chesty cough. They then told me the HIV was attacking my immune system lowering my white blood cells. Then they told me they could get me the unlicensed drugs my friend Craig was on. They had me panicking I was gonna die.

But they never fuckin’ told me I tested NEGATIVE for HIV ANTIGEN which is needed to make a positive hiv antibody test.

I have every single incriminating document that states these doctors wrote to each other describing how they would coax me onto toxic chemotherapy over time and how they used chemotherapy to do this.

I wrote to the British HIV Association (BHIVA). In fact, I wrote to them twice with no reply, so I phoned them. I was informed that the board would not be responding to my questions and that no one was there to enter into dialogue with me. When I asked who the board was, and why not, I was told by the secretariat that she could not answer that. I later found out that my consultant physician is an executive on the board. I have the conversation from BHIVA recorded and held by a friend.

My lawyer is dragging her heels or has taken flight because of the pressure, so I am thinking of bringing a claim against the perpetrators of my wrongful diagnosis myself if possible, and once that is out of the way the next step is to try and get a big court case for criminal negligence…If anyone will listen.

Andy Lindsay
January, 2011


Original Test Documentation (Transcribed)





Enzyme Immunoassay for HTLV-III: antibody POSITIVE.


Viral Load Test



Reported on 27-May-92

Radioimmunoassay for Hepatitis B surface Antigen: NEGATIVE
Enzymeimmunoassay for antibody to Human Immunodefficiency virus (HIV): POSITIVE
Toxoplasma ELISA screen: NEGATIVE
Screening test for antibodies to Cytomegalovirus: POSITIVE
Enzymeimmunoassay for IgG antibody to Cytomegalovirus: POSITIVE
HIV Antigen (Abbott EIA): NEGATIVE
Enymeimmunoassay for anti-HBs: POSITIVE
Enymeimmunoassay for anti-HBs: POSITIVE


Chronology of Further Tests



23/07/1992 Tested for HCV in 1992, not repeated. 26/08/1992 Enzyme Immunoassay for antibody to Hep C virus : Positive
Confirmatory assay for antibody to Hep C virus : Positive
05/02/1993 HIV Plasma Antigen : NEGATIVEThis is when they told me I had to take AZT or I’d be dead within two years. I told the doctor he was crazy, my friends were dying on it and I walked out not to return until 1996/97.
06/05/1997 Enzymeimmunoassay for antibody to Hep C virus : POSITIVE 22/05/1997 Enzymeimmunoassay for antibody to Hep C virus : POSITIVE 22/05/1997 PCR for HIV viral RNA : POSITIVE
ROCHE HIV MONITOR: 398,000 copies per ml. plasmaAt this point I was on Antiretrovirals.
09/10/1997 PCR for HIV viral RNA : POSITIVE
ROCHE HIV MONITOR: 223,000 copies per ml. plasma
19/06/1997 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : NEGATIVE 20/06/1997 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : NEGATIVE 29/01/1998 Enzyme Immunoassay (Amerlite) for Hepatitis B surface antigen : NEGATIVE 19/03/1998 Hepatitis B surface antigen : NEGATIVE Sent to HRL for HCV PCR) 20/03/98 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : POSITIVE 20/03/1998 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : POSITIVE 21/05/1998 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : POSITIVE 22/05/1998 PCR for Hep C virus vRNA : POSITIVE 19/08/1999 PCR for Cytomegalovirus DNA : NEGATIVEThese continue right through to 2005, when they could still detect nothing.What is clearly visible from these reports is that my antibody response became weaker, last being reactive for any antibodies in 2005. Though they had me believeÊit was theÊHIV that was now undetectable. The HIV never was in my opinion, and the chemo slowly eradicated my immune system’s antibodies, which is why they probably couldn’t detect them either in the last test. Indeed, from then on, every test was undetectable in PLASMA Specimens and in 2009 the last two tests read as follows…
24/07/2009 HIV-1 Quantitative PCR
16/10/2009 HIV Ag/Ab COMBO assay : POSITIVE (Index >1.1)

Postscript. July 2014.

Sadly, Andy Lindsay died in July 2014, of brain cancer. We will probably never know if it was the AIDS drugs, his drug habit, or something else that killed him. Brain cancer is not listed as an AIDS-defining condition.