HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I wanted to share with you my story of testing positive…and then negative!

I went to the local gay and lesbian center a few months ago to get an HIV test, like all good gay boys have been taught to do for decades. I was not worried at all. I am very healthy, I don’t do drugs, I rarely have sex…and when I do, I am very careful. You get the idea.

Imagine my shock when I tested positive! Luckily for me I had already been researching the fiasco that is AIDS, and although I was shocked, I didn’t totally freak out.

I had my suspicions about the center when the lab tech doing the test started explaining to me how lucky “we” were that they were partnered with a local university doing clinical trials on new meds. She started in on this before even doing the test.

The first test was an oral quick test that was backed up by a quick test with a blood drop… both positive. Before we even did the 2nd quick test the nurse started telling me that she would get me information about the clinical trial. We had not even started to confirm anything and she was already recruiting me! After the blood drop test came back positive she told me that she needed to draw blood from my arm to send it out for a confirmation. I of course said yes. Before she took the blood she told me that she would need to get some information about me to do some other blood work. She handed me some paperwork to fill out.

This paperwork asked for my name (first and last), my birth date, my social security number, my address and my phone number! So much for my anonymous test!!!!!
Luckily I had the presence of mind to make it all up.

I immediately went home and started researching. I found out that the state has now mandated that if anyone tests positive at their doctor’s office, the doctor is required to report them by name (first and last) to the state. The state then uses this list to submit to the federal goverment. The state receives $2500 per year per person on this list from the federal government. If you test in an anonymous setting, you can volunteer your name and it will be put on the list; hence the “need” for my information in order to confirm.

So now it seems (to me at least) that the center is using its HIV testing center, which is partially funded by drug companies, to recruit people who they have tested as positive to go into these programs at the university, also funded by drug companies, using experimental drugs!

When I went into the center to get my results, I told the tech that I wanted to come back in a few months to confirm their test. I even told her that my doctor recommended it. She looked me right in the eye and said, “There is no need to confirm it. We already did. You have it.” That was the extent of my counseling. She was actually offended that I questioned her and asked my why I went to my doctor for advice.  It took everything I had not to reach over the table and smack her!

Then she handed me a stack of papers with information on how to register for the clinical trial and was trying to pressure me to sign up right then.

I went the next week and was tested again at another clinic not associated with The Center. This time I told them I was straight. My test came back negative!

So now tell me…how is it possible that I was positive then negative in a matter of one week.  I need to figure out what I did in that week and get a patent.  I’m going to be rich!!! I can cure HIV infection in one week!!!

I have tested several times since then…all negative.

I don’t believe the tests are worth taking, but I was curious to see what my results would be.

No matter what I never intend to take meds.

Even though I have tested negative I am still doing some natural treatments…mainly because they are good for overall health.

Although this has not been a pleasant experience, it has been a blessing in disguise. I realized I was not treating my body well and I needed to make some changes.  Today I am much healthier than I was before the test and mentally I feel more stable.