HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Ryan D.

When I was only two weeks from my 29th birthday, I was “diagnosed” with HIV. I was absolutely devastated.

How is it that I had maneuvered these ailments for so long, and, without warning, been stricken with this fatal disease? I was just beginning to get my life back together. I had a new car, a new group of friends, a new job… a whole new life! How could this happen to me? My life was over… or was it?

In July 2011, as the doctor ordered, I began taking the medication Atripla. Immediately I felt and saw the side effects. I began having nightmares and drowsiness throughout the day. I was having visible fat deposits that were not there before, and this was only two months into the process… but my viral load was decreasing, so I supposed that mattered more than anything.

In October 2011, five months after my diagnosis, I decided to quit my job and move to New York City. I left everything behind to start a new life, including the medication. I got a job at a health food store and rented out a small loft with a few roommates.

I was referred by a case worker to a primary infectious disease doctor whom I will not name. Every time I even mentioned alternative medicine he had an opposing statement that completely disregarded the very idea. Why is it that this person, who claimed to do what he did so that he could help others, was so against the possibility of a natural treatment?

On January 11, 2012 my new blood results were in. My HIV viral load was 167,839. Even with all the “superfoods” I was eating, I still could not knock down those damn numbers. I became very desperate and knew I had to think fast! I had been off meds for at least four months and I was already beginning to worry. Then it hit me! I remembered buying a book , five years ago, for my brother about natural cures. He absolutely loved it. Now the information in the book was very interesting, but as I had not experimented most of it on myself, I didn’t really know how much of it was factual…. The book read “35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver cures virtually all diseases.” As hard as that was to believe, I remembered a study of the PH balance and how it affects the body. Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic. (This includes pathogenic infections) Since H2O2 is water with an extra oxygen molecule, drinking it to alkalize the blood and rid the body of infection made absolute sense.

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment. This includes pathogenic infection.

On Febuary 1, 2012 I began drinking the FGH peroxide and colloidal silver. Within a two weeks period I could already see a change. My lymph nodes were getting smaller and I no longer had night sweats. Lymph nodes are basically the garbage dump of the body. Whenever your body is killing and ridding itself of a viral or bacterial infection, for a period of time it stores the waste in these nodes. So when I felt that these nodes where decreasing in size I knew something very interesting was going on.

On Febuary 29, 2012, one month after I began the remedy, I was due for a doctor’s appointment. The “viral load” results were at 507.” My first thought was, “Wow! This is great! I must be onto something!” Three months later it went back up, but my symptoms were still down. And three months after that, it went back down again. I couldn’t understand it. But instead of wondering why the numbers wouldn’t remain undetectable, I became more concerned with why the numbers were rising and falling. How is it that this supposed “killer virus” wasn’t growing at a steady pace? If it was as deadly as the scientific community was trying to say, why was it moving so slowly, even without the medication? Why had the remedy caused my symptoms to fade? Not to mention the fact that throughout the entire time, from my diagnosis to the last test, my CD4 count always remained between 600 and 700. If this virus killed T cells, wouldn’t the numbers fluctuate in direct correlation with the viral load?

Knowing from past experience that I certainly was not going to get the information I needed from my doctor, I began to do some research for myself. I went to HIV groups. I searched the Internet. I searched city archives. I found a lot of interesting information but still found myself dreadfully confused. Then one day, while I was at the library, I stumbled upon a hardback book with a very interesting cover. On the cover was an image of a red ribbon. The title read, Inventing the AIDS virus by Dr. Peter Duesberg. Curious, I began skimming the pages. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The man who wrote the book was the first scientist to discover and map out the nature of the retrovirus, and he actually believed that HIV did not cause AIDS. How could this be? Why wasn’t I told? Skeptical, but still curious, I read on.

It has now been 3 years sense my so called diagnosis, still off the drugs and I have not experienced one AIDS like symptom. It is very sad to know that there were so many that were told they only had days to live, terrorized into getting on deadly drugs and consequently died because of it. We now see people who never take the drugs who are living long healthy lives and unfortunately the media won’t cover one story.