HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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I went for a routine check at my GP and he ordered a blood test, did a HIV test, and 20 minutes later I was declared HIV positive. I asked him what test they had used and he said it was an ELISA. I requested another test but he insisted that the test had an accuracy rate of 99% and there was therefore no need for another test. I left it at that. That was 8 years ago. I have done lots of reading and have learned that it’s not possible to get conclusive results using ELISA in 20 minutes, but he convinced me it was foolproof. One year after my positive test, my husband who had been in prison for 2 years came home with a very serious case of TB. He was admitted into the hospital and they declared him HIV positive, not withstanding the fact that a TB patient will test positive anyway, even if he is not HIV positive. Based on this test, they pumped him with ARVs against the backdrop of a weak body having come from prison and taking TB drugs. Eventually after 5 months he succumbed and died, which now I believe was more from the drugs he got than from HIV. I must add that this occurence convinced me for a while that the positive test I got could have been accurate. But we lived with him, me and my daughter (who was three years old then) and we went for TB tests that were negative although we stayed with him during the very highly infectious stage.

I decided to move on with my life and not bother worrying myself about HIV. I didn’t take any medication and never have and after reading your website, I realize that I may not be HIV positive after all. Thankfully I have not had any illness and any colds, and cuts or bruises heal like any other normal person.