HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Anonymous 2

Edited for spelling, grammar and clarity from a November 2, 2014 post on

“Hi doctor… I was diagnosed in February 2014 when my CD4 count was 493, my viral load was 8060 and my cd4/cd8 ratio was 0.59 … now 7 months later I repeated the tests and was surprised to learn my cd4 is 1010, my viral load 8090 and my cd4/cd8 is 1.1. I am doing Cross Fit every day, eating citrus and drinking 3 cups of green tea  a day and not taking medications…. is this normal ?”

Dr. Mark Holodnly’s response, “Yes, the CD4 count can vary like that for a lot of reasons including time of day, different labs or assays, after immunizations, because of other ongoing medical conditions, among other reasons. Usually the CD4% is a more stable number over time.”