HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Mark H

I am 45 years old. Three years ago on a flight to Germany to visit family, I came down with severe muscle aches. Not cramps but aches. They were mostly in my back and legs. I was there a week and it did not let up. Kept me up all night, every night. I had no achy joints, no cold, cough, fever, nothing other than the aches. I had always thought that seroconversion was suppose to be like a very bad flu. I returned and immediately visited my doctor at Kaiser California. He ran some tests and I was HIV+. I didn’t freak, but he transferred me to a HIV specialist who I have been seeing since, every three months for CD4 and viral load counts. The CD4 counts continue to drop, now at 202, and the viral load counts do what ever they want, up and down. The doctor says that we can’t tell much from that.

Then what use is it?

I have had Duesberg’s book Inventing the AIDS Virus on my bookshelf since the mid-90’s, not sure how I got it. So that’s where I started. I have always had excellent health, Yoga, running, eating right. I haven’t had antibiotics since I was 15 but had a tetanus shot not long ago because of my farm work. I have always been an alternative health kind of guy. I tried some illegal drugs in my younger years, but now only pot on occasion.

At about the time I seroconverted I had a rash on my upper body to my belly button, front and back. After about 2 months it went away on its own. Recently, 3 months ago, it came back, but worse and it wasn’t going away. I also had tonsillitis. Waiting for a couple of months for it to go away and it didn’t and treating my tonsillitis naturally with 80% improvement, I went to the doctor for tests. The tests taken were negative. The doctor gave my rash a diagnosis of Eosinophilic folliculitis. My throat was Thrush. He said it was all HIV-related. Out of chance I asked him for a Syphilis test. A day later I got a call and I had syphilis. I consented to an antibiotic shot and the rash is dissipating and the throat feels and looks perfect. If Thrush is a fungal disease then why did my throat completely resolve with antibiotics. It was syphilis, not AIDS. The scary thing is that my doctor was convinced it was HIV-related until I requested a syphilis test. Immediately after my initial diagnosis of HIV-related disease, the pressure to start antiretroviral drugs heated up. They wanted to start me on them three years ago, but I refused based on the help of “HIV DOES NOT EQUAL AIDS” literature. I also attended the Rethinking AIDS conference in Oakland, CA in 2009.

These stories have helped me to stay strong. Other than the syphilis bout, I feel great and have no other symptoms. So glad that I didn’t start the ARV toxins. But I know they will continue to push. I prefer to treat the symptoms if they arise.


Dr. Mark H.

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