HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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John J.

This story is included even though John is HIV-negative, because according to the mainstream theory he should be infected, and therefore on AIDS drugs [ed.]

January, 2019

Update: I wrote to you 4 years ago about my not being positive despite  having had a lot of unprotected sex over many years. I just wanted to inform everyone that after years of being bisexual and having unprotected gay sex, I got married to a younger woman. She has given birth twice and we have two beautiful girls. She has always had unprotected sex with me and was tested during both pregnancies. All of us are living free. So I am amazed. I was with her 7 years before the first baby was born. I have never used protection and I have had gay sex since I was 19. I’m turning 54 and we are all great. Someone is telling a great lie in the medical community. None of us are positive.

January, 2015

My story comes from a different angle. I’ve been sexually active since I was 19 and never tested positive. I am now going on 50 I am bi-sexual and have been with hundreds of guys. I’m embarrassed to say it but I have had totally unprotected sex all my life – anal, oral, you name it. Bath-houses in every state I vacationed in. Hook-ups from computer and nothing. I’m healthy and I never took one drug, including poppers, and don’t drink alcohol either. I take vitamins C, garlic and apple cider vinegar daily. I exercise and fuck and get fucked weekly. So if HIV is so deadly contagious then I would be dead. I’m just sharing this because I read virus myth at 19 and have lived free ever since.