HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Javier A.

January, 2015
After I suffered convulsions from meningitis and meningo-encephalitis, I was diagnosed HIV positive in March 2011 (at that time 37 years old).
I’m not gay. But I was partying a bit more than I should have (traveling a lot, not sleeping properly, not eating well, smoking weed and using some other drugs occasionally).
I was, of course, taken to talk to HIV doctors who recommended that I start taking medication right away, since science now says it’s better for the patients. Here in Argentina, you don’t need to pay for the ARV’s, the government provides them for free.
I was also warned about the side effects of the ARV’s, and I got scared about that. The doctor showed me a paper which showed the life expectancy according to the initial viral load. Mine was (as I was weak and hospitalized) more than 100,000 copies…so according to this number, this paper stated that I would live 10 more years…if I took the ARV’s!!!!
So, I just decided to take a few days and do my own research on the subject…
I went to YouTube and I found out about Dr. Giraldo, Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis, etc. I learned about the history behind this and I was very surprised, of course. I guess I became a little bit of an expert about it…so, based on this knowledge, I had no doubt about not taking the ARV’s, at least for some time.
I also started taking much better care of my own health: making sure I slept enough, drinking enough water, eating better, dropping some drugs (I now only smoke weed and tobacco occasionally), exercising my body, and continuing to learn about taking care of my health in general.
Just to satisfy my mom, I take the tests every year. My tests show a decrease in the T4 cells. After seeing my last test one year ago, the doctor told me I, “should start taking the ARV’s now” (which of course I didn’t because I wasn’t ill).
One year ago I became a vegan (not eating or buying any animal products). For many of you this may not be relevant, but for me it is. It’s much better in all aspects, including karma.
I’m ok, I’m good.
Cheers to all!