HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Original in French
January 28, 2015

(The following is an English summary of the original French language interview)

Christophe is French, he is 38 years old and the father of a 15 year old girl. After having been diagnosized seropositive 8 years ago, of course, he decided to take the treatment i.e., the HIV drugs. As he said, his trust in science was blind and total! One day, he decided to get more informations about it, he needed to meet other people that were living with HIV too…. He checked a lot of websites, blogs and he found out that there are many people around the world that live without any medication. Also, they are in a very good health. On top of that, at the same time, he watched many videos, especially “House of numbers” and Luc Montagnier’s interview. He got a real shock and took the decision to stop all his drugs. He now has lived without any HIV drugs for 4 years now and even his analyses, his blood tests prove that everything is OK.
It is his own experience that he wanted to share with “La vie est belle quand le monde est bio” without hiding anything, without any omissions. For example, he tells what he changed in his life. Now he considers it essential to care about the quality of his food, and to try to find other solutions to boost his immune system. He shares one particular experience that occurred when he was forced to go to the hospital urgently because of a simple dermatitis. Once he said to the doctor that he was supposed to be seropositive, but that he did not take any medication against HIV, he explains how the doctor literally went crazy, and would not stop harassing him, to try to convince him how essential and vital it was… to be treated with AIDS drugs! She absolutely wanted him to do a blood analysis because she was sure that he was ”in danger”… but the blood analysis showed that everything was allright. However she did not stop keeping going on and on about the importance to consume the HIV drugs. Christophe denounces every single argument that has been used against him like a weapon, every intimidation. It has been scary!  

When the interviewer asked him what could make him change his opinion or his decision… ”Is it possible that one day you would take your HIV drugs again ?”… his response was clear, ”No way, my decision is definitive..There are more risks being infected by other diseases like syphilis etc…. but HIV?”