HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Ntuntu’s daughter

Ntuntu. December, 2015

I am glad there are lots of people who knows how dangerous and fatal the ARVs are.  My daughter was HIV positive for about 10 years but she was never sick. She got pregnant and the clinic advised her to take ARVs and in 4 months her health deteriorated very fast and sadly she died.

I googled the ARVs and was shocked to find out that all the symptoms she had were those mentioned. The doctors claimed that she took poisonous muthi [traditional herbal remedy] for a period of time which made her blood become toxic, lead to kidney failure and the collapse of her lungs.

The results of her post mortem says she died because of toxicity. I am very angry at the clinic that gave her the ARVs because they should have tested her for tolerance [of the drugs] and had they tested her they should have picked up the damage caused at an early stage.

I have written a letter to the Minister of Health telling him that he has killed my daughter and wondering how many people he has killed with these toxic poisonous medications he is pumping into their bodies.

His evil doctors claimed that she took something poisonous, they think that maybe she was aborting the baby. They chose to ignore my question about whether it was the ARVs that were making her sick. They knew that she was dying because of them.

It is about 5 months now and they haven’t answered my letter. I am now going to write an open letter to the minister. My daughter died 3 years ago, but it feels like yesterday because of the lies and shabby treatment she got from the hospital doctors.

Heartbroken and angry