HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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January, 2016

This personal website documents the story of a person who had been living with their HIV diagnosis for 25 years in Romania.

This person was a sickly child and, at 10 years old (1991), was taken to a doctor and diagnosed HIV-positive. Surprisingly, both parents were negative. Tests were repeated, and they remained positive.

After 8 years without drugs, due to a CD4 count of 300, AZT was prescribed, causing three years of terrible side effects. Then other ARVs were prescribed for 12 years. The damage was significant, and several surgeries for the ravages of lipodystrophy (fat loss and redistribution) were necessary.

This person, at the time of writing, had been off all ARVs for 2 years.

The website is: