HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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April, 2016

I was diagnosed HIV-positive October, 2001. I was in a relationship and we had just had a baby – our son had been born in June 2001, So you can imagine the fear that I felt. Long story short,  my son was negative,  my boyfriend said he wasn’t willing to get tested, I later found out that he’d been having a relationship with another man.

So I went through a really depressed state of mind for a number of years,  I even picked up drugs, which he was already using. After 3 years, I moved out of state, which was the best decision I’ve ever made!  Then in 2007, I started HIV medication,  and although I never liked the feeling after taking it,  I continued taking them,  I was dizzy, nauseous and my body would get really hot, but I continued taking them.

Last  year I really was feeling bad, so I would ask my doctor to switch my meds, and there would always be a problem with my request. I would tell her I felt like crap, and I was itching badly from the new medication,  but she would just say, ” take it at bed time, and I’ll give you Benadryl”, I never went back.

I have started eating healthier,  taking vitamins, herbal supplements, and some exercise.  My body feels like I’m in detox, but I feel better than I did compared to when I was on meds. It feels like the meds messed with my nervous system,  because my body feels shaky inside,  I can’t explain it well.

After researching HIV, I discovered it has never been isolated, so how could they diagnosis it?

Please watch House of Numbers, and research Dr. Boyd Graves, who mysteriously died, check for his video on YouTube.

The medication is poison, and I wish I had researched sooner, because I was taking AIDS medication for 8 1/2 years, or so. I have been off meds for 6 months now, and I’ll never go back!

I hope my story helps, because after finding this site, and reading the stories, they have helped me, so best wishes to you.