HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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June, 2016

I was diagnosed positive in January 2015, and suffered a lot in the first two months after the diagnosis.
I read a lot about my alleged illness as well as a lot of material on the internet written by dissidents, whose theoretical and practical reasoning convinced me about the inaccurate facts underlying the theories of HIV and AIDS.
I have never taken treatment, so I cannot believe what I recently read, that the “worst” phase of the disease is in the first year, which is why we are told it is important to take medication from the beginning.
I’m perfectly fine, the only consequence of my diagnosis is brief episodes of depression, because of all this social campaign of fear. I have managed to reduce my stress through meditation and reading.
When they tested my viral load and CD4 counts, they were perfect, however the doctor recommended that I start treatment, recommending even a new medication, which is more expensive, but which he told me was the best, after he checked that I could afford it.