HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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(Editor’s Note: I have consistently refused to post any information on any of my HIV/AIDS websites that suggest any form of treatment for HIV for some very simple reasons. 1) It has never been scientifically proven that HIV causes AIDS or does any other damage to the human body, or is anything else than a harmless passenger virus, and therefore there is nothing to “treat”. 2) The so-called HIV tests have never been scientifically proven to detect antibodies to HIV, nor HIV infection, and therefore there is no scientific evidence that anyone testing HIV-Positive actually has HIV, and once again there is nothing to “treat.” 3) CD4 cell counts vary widely from individual to individual, and have recently been proven by peer-reviewed scientific studies to NOT be an indication of HIV infection. 4) Viral Load measurements, especially of HIV by PCR, are meaningless, according to the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the PCR, Dr. Kary Mullis. 5) If someone who is HIV-Positive is sick, they should be “treated” for whatever disease they have completely independent of their so-called HIV-Positive diagnosis.

In short, I did not want to give any credence to any of the HIV=AIDS theories by suggesting that anything associated with an HIV-Positive diagnosis needed to be “treated.” However, I decided to post this letter simply as another example of someone living a healthy and happy life without the HIV drugs commonly prescribed by the medical and AIDS establishment. Posting this letter in no way suggests or recommends any treatment offered by “Dr. Gao” or anyone else.)

I am 20. I was discovered I was pos+ May 07. My blood counts were CD4 240 and the Viral load was 13,650 in a sample from May 12 2007. I was advised at the hospital to start antivirals immediately, I flat out refused. I resisted because I was perfectly healthy, no illness or weight loss etc. I am 70kg, 5’8”, my BMI is 30. I am technically over-weight. I did not understand why they would want me to take drugs that would immediately cause me to be ill and diminish the quality of my life. I am outgoing, I rollerblade 2 hours a week. I have an exercise bike I use 2hrs a day. I did not see why I should start vomiting, stomach cramps etc? I did not want to stay in bed to avoid something that had not happened yet!

I searched the internet until I found Dr Gao’s site: He advised me to come in with the copy of test results so he could determine dosage. He is a distinguished Chinese herbalist. I went on Fri 29 June 07. I started taking the medicine that day. I took the medicine as prescribed. It is a tasteless, smells faintly of flowers and small size tablets easy to swallow. My stomach did not cramp, or cause me to want to vomit. It was like taking aspirin/ paracetamol, nothing noticed at all in terms of side effects. I continued with my life as usual, very busy, up and down, if I sleep 6 hrs I feel lucky! I am up by 0600 even on weekends. After one week my poo went slightly dark and more sticky. It took more time to clean myself after a poo. By the 15th day this was over. My poo went back to normal and I have not experienced any other effects. I take it regularly and intend to continue to do so.

I had a blood test on Fri 27 July 07. Exactly one month after i began the medicine from Dr Gao’s herbal tratment. My results were CD4 350 (recovery of 50%) and the VL fell to 13,095 (fell by 1%). This is not the natural progression of HIV! Within 4 weeks there is a notable and significant favourable change in my vital stats. I will continue to take the drug because it is clear it has an effect and the decline will continue to HIV undetectable. I don’t really care when this happens as long as I have none of the trauma of the side effects of anti-retrovirals, I do not have to tell you about how bad that can be. Dr Gao says in 2yrs I will be undetectable. As long as I remain fit and healthy it is worth the wait. I will update you with the results of my next test was on Fri 21 Sept 07, week 12 of the treatment if you like. The CD4 was 300, and the VL 24,000. I nearly died of shock but I think one of the other herbals I was on contra-indicated so I am back on just the one preparation, the one from Dr G.

I suggest you keep on the Dr Gao’s herbal treatment, like I did, if you hit a dip. Finding Dr G was like winning the lottery, I could not plan to be so lucky at the worst moment of my life. The best decision I have ever made was going on Dr G’s herbal treatment first before antivirals. Now I have evidence that I may never need them. I had faith in Dr Gao because I felt I had time to ‘experiment’ as I was not ill. Now my CD4 is 370(14 Jan 08, or week 28), they can’t even suggest the anti-retrovirals now. My VL is 8,672 now. My next test is end May, week 44.

If you need to know anything else, just write. I will answer all and any questions. My english is not the best so let me know if you don’t understand me. But I hope we can be friends thru this at least online and keeping each other up to date. Dr G is very knowledgeable on the entire body as a system so he should be able to solve the problem/s you may be having with side effects and withdrawal from ARVs with natural therapy, I know he can do HIV! Hang in there. Just keep watching the vital stats. He sends product to people world wide and his website includes lab results.

Things can only get better. This website was the reason I kept looking out of the box for as long as I did. I hope this entry gives people the reassurance they need to keep searching out the truth. What ever they find at the end of their dark tunnel, I hope they are confident of their own intuition. My consultant sent me to a psych consultation. I was so full of self doubt I began to second guess every decision I had ever made in my life. This was disasterous and destructive state of mind. There are many resources such as and, who dare list alternatives, and I hope the alliance of minds will close the loop and make such places the first thing any new HIV patient finds when they put HIV in the search window of their browser. At the moment we are netted in by the drug companies very quickly, without room for independent assessment. Your site is a valuable link in that loop. Thank-you and long may it prosper.



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