HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Steve J

I am in my 14th year without medication, and apart from an emotionaly based skin rash (my boyfriend is under my skin and I am itching to get out of it) I have always been very well with great results. V load is fallign (20,000) and T cells are at 550 last December. They have been as high as 800. I test once a year or every two. Technology is a yard stick of progress from using healing techniques other than medication.

So cheer up. You stand to be OK. HIV is nothing more than a warning that your life is out of balance. Here is an article I wrote on myself that appeared in last month’s Queensland Positive People magazine here in Brisbane Australia. It’s a summary of what appears in my Bio at my web site. I have taken the metahysical spiritual road to heal. Seems that those who do don’t need medication and don’t get sick so much.

I wrote 2 books based on what I learned. It was a time before medication, so I had to go it alone to heal myself.

Steve J.