HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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May, 2017
Updated: June, 2020

I live in Warsaw, Poland. In 1989 I was diagnosed with HIV infection. I have only ever had one HIV test performed, a Western Blot, in May 1989. I have never had any other HIV test. I know other people who have also only had a single Western Blot, including many who have already died. Until 1998 I lived almost without any ARV therapy. I say, “almost without”, because around 1991 a physician working in a Warsaw infectious disease hospital gave me Retrovir (AZT, Zidovudine). She simply took the Retrovir from her desk and gave it to me. I used it for a while, perhaps a few months, but had to stop because I could feel it stealing my life energy. After 1998 I was convinced by a young physician to start ARV therapy again. That time I had a CD4 cell count of about 380 and a viral load of 80,000. I stopped after 6 months, mostly because of problems with my legs – they had become heavy and painful. I also stopped having medical examinations and visiting physicians.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with AIDS because I had pneumonia, propably caused by the weather, and the very bitter cold. I was also diagnosed with shingles and a fake diagnosis of vascular degeneration of my spinal cord. I say, “fake”, because i have found in the internet that they were receiving funds from the EU for research on spinal vascular degeneration. In fact I did have very serious problems with my spine. I have been taken to hospital in an emergency. I know very well that I was given two injections of Pavulon (Pancuronium bromide). One of them was very brutal, straight into my nerves. After that I was told I had only two weeks to one month to live. I have had a fever of 40 C, which was actually a normal response of my immune system

During these two weeks I did not take any ARV drugs. After that time I overcame all my illnesses and my life was no longer in danger.

But i couldn’t walk and my left leg was full of pain and almost paralysed. So, because I didn’t want to die they told me that I would never walk again and I only had 5 years until I would die because of vascular degeneration. I can tell you that conditions in the hospital were horrible and hard to imagine.

After I spent two months in the hospital they moved me to my parents’ house. In December I began simple physiotherapy exercises. After two months I could walk again, but I still I had problems with my left leg, but that also stopped after I met a spinal column manual therapy speciaist. She worked with my spinal column for one hour and then everything was ok.

Until that time i had many more medical adventures, many caused by my pseudo-physician and WHO consultant who only takes care of his wallet.

I have taken many different ARV drugs: Zerit, Viramune, Kivexa, Abacavir and Zerit. Zerit and Retrovir caused lypostrophy, I lost 6 kg. Anything that I ate tasted like paper when I took Abacavir. Now my treatment is Retrovir, Viraed and Kaletra,

Eventually my body looked like that of a Nazi death camp prisoner, and I also found that something was happening with my brain, it was kind of like an invisible lobotomy, it was cutting my will, my life energy, my thinking, slowing my reactions, etc. I’ve been interested in any kind of alternative treatments and herbs and other plants cured my body deformities after my time in hospital

Around 2008 I found Chinese Reishi mushrooms, I began to use them, and immune system results improved a lot, but they were hard to find in Poland. Luckily one excellent Polish dietary supplement company has begun to grow them here. They grow them organically, and they contain spores which is very important. I have begin to use them and my immunology system improved but still I had a low CD4 count.

A year and a half ago I found that i couldn’t use Retrovir any more. My muscles were vanishing, all my body was in worse and worse condition, so I decided to gradually stop Retrovir and replace it by Reishi. The first month I reduced my daily dose by half to one capsule, then the next month to one capsule every two days and after 4 months to zero. I had an immunology exam every 3 months, so I clearly saw that what I was doing was having a positive effect. My immune systems counts were improving, up to about 500 CD4 and around 900 CD8. About 5 months ago I began to reduce other ARV drugs, now I mostly take only Kaletra. I simply listened to my body, and my body is saying to me, “No, you can’t use ARV today.” The basis of my treatment is Reishi mushrooms, a very universal remedy, but thay have to be high quality and free from toxins. I can recommend them to anybody living with HIV, cancer or anybody who wants to have a strong immune system, able to prevent any illness.

I started to reduce ARVs when my counts were about 380 CD4 and 900 CD8. My last exam, after i had stopped Retrovir for one year, and after I had reduced other ARVs were 624 CD4 almost 1300 CD8, and CD3 1993.

June 2020 Update

I am doing fine. I haven’t been taking any ARV drugs for I don’t remember even how long. About 2 years i think. Moreover, I am not using any other chemical drugs. Everything is good with me. Much better from when I last took pills. Literally I feel better and better every day. I am discovering how badly all that ARV was influencing me. How many and dangerous hidden effects ARV has. I also know that has really dangerous side effects that are common in a case of  chronic diseases.

My emotions have come back, they were somehow limited under ARV. Hidden stress has disappeared that I did not recognize when I was using ARV. I have even been able to gain some weight and muscle. And I also see that it takes time to restore my body after a long time on that deadly therapy.

My best wishes to you and all people who will read that page. Now we have yet  yet another attack to cause fear – Covid. Fear was always a tool and main weapon used by any regime and dictatorship system.But those who spreading fear are living and dying with fear.