HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Tommy M

I found out I was positive April 06’ and I was devastated, even though I lived a very reckless life and knew it. I’m 28 know and have slept with about 100 women, about an 80/20 split between prostitutes and regular girlfriends. I was always safe when sleeping w/prostitutes, out of the 80 I have had sex with I did not us a condom with only 2, and I was drunk. With my other 20 girlfriends I’ve used condoms with about half of them and contracted herpes from one of them.

What lead me to test for HIV? 2 months before the test I went to a foreign country to sleep with sex workers. I came back and noticed a bump on the base of my penis, I thought it would go away and did not go to the Doctors, it got worse, and finally after 1 month of not sleeping and eating because I was depressed about the bumps, I went to the Doctors. I had a STD test, I knew I had something different from my herpes. The results came back, positive for gonorrhea & HIV. The gonorrhea was cleared up in 2 week w/treatment.

Immediately the Dr. thought it was some type of a mix up because I was not a homosexual or drug user, he instantly retested me. A week later the second test came back also positive. I took the news like a baby, I cried myself to sleep every night, thinking about how my parents are going to see their son die. I did not eat or sleep well for about a month. I was getting weaker because of all of the worrying.

My doctor wanted to send me to a infectious disease specialist to have me put on a cocktail. I told my Dr. to give me a few weeks to clear my head. I needed someone to talk to. I found a guy that did meeting for HIV positives, but he stopped the meeting because people stopped going. I told him that the time of the tests I was very stressed out, had gonorrhea & a herpes outbreak. He told me about false positives and I did my own research on it and came across the AIDS dissident movement and views. I did the research and it made sense to me. Maybe I don’t have HIV, maybe it was a false positive, maybe I don’t have to take those toxic medication that the Doctor wanted me to take. It seemed like all I have ever seen in the media about HIV/AIDS has been a lie.

Today I feel great, I’m eating well, working out, and have a great attitude towards life. Personally, I feel that the HIV test I took were false positives because I was having a herpes outbreak during the times I tested. Thankfully I have never taken any toxic HIV medications. Also, I have a steady girlfriend and have been faithful to her since I found out I tested positive. By, the way she has never shown any symptoms of having HIV.

Tommy M.

Sadly, Tommy died on September 1, 2013, after a series of incredible and devastating events described in two podcast interviews with his wife Trisha Morrison on “How Positive Are You?” (Episode 1 and Episode 2).