HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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May, 2018

In 2006 I went to AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation),  because I had seen a flyer that offered free hepatitis A and B vaccinations and free STD tests. They gave me the vaccinations for hepatitis A and B and they tested me for STDs. AHF is an organization that specializes in HIV but I didn’t go there for an HIV test and I had no reason to be tested for HIV. Then, later in July 2006, I took an HIV test, because they recommended it.

The results of the test were HIV+. I was really scared when they told me. I felt like if I moved around or walked too fast something bad would happen. I didn’t know exactly what would happen but I felt worried about what the HIV virus would do to me. I saw pictures of the people in the AIDS magazines with faces and bodies that looked like skeletons. I didn’t want that to happen to me. They made an appointment for me to see a doctor at AHF. I went to see the doctor and I told her about the pictures of AIDS patients I had seen and that I was worried about what would happen to me. The AHF doctor told me to relax, because those pictures were just propaganda that AHF publishes to scare people into getting HIV tests. I remember thinking that it was strange that they would use false information and pictures to scare people.

After a few weeks I started to get the feeling that there must be a solution to my situation. After reading a lot of the mainstream AIDS literature I noticed that their information didn’t sound scientific and didn’t really explain a lot of facts that should have been explained. It felt like I was reading information intended for elementary school students. I kept looking for more books about HIV. One day I discovered a book at the library about a lady who said she had healed herself of HIV. She said she lived in a spiritual community and caught HIV from having sex with one of the devotees in the community and eventually healed herself of the HIV. Her story was interesting and it made me realize HIV isn’t a death sentence and can be healed. So I kept reading more books. I started buying herbs, became vegetarian, and started eating a perfect diet. Then one night I found a book at the Bodhi Tree bookstore called “What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong”, by Christine Maggiore.

I read the book constantly. Christine said many things in her book that made sense to me. She explained that there are over 70 conditions and situations, other than HIV, that can make an HIV test into a positive test. Hepatitis A vaccination and Hepatitis B vaccination are two situations that can cause a false positive on an HIV test, because the test does not test for HIV, but just for antibodies that are not specific to HIV. That information made a lot of sense to me, because I never had a positive HIV test until after I had the hepatitis A and B vaccinations. I started lifting weights at the gym, ate healthy food, took vitamins, ate raw garlic, turmeric, and other herbs, and started attending a positive thinking spiritual community. I felt better than ever. I realized I didn’t have HIV and I read a lot more aids dissident information.

I met Christine in the winter of 2006 and we became really good friends. By the time I met her I had studied a lot of alternative AIDS information and I was a dissident in perfect health. I told her, “I would never take aids drugs”, and she said, “well I don’t see any point in it”.

In July 2018 it will be 12 years since they told me I was HIV+ but I have never had any symptoms and I never get sick. No colds no flus. Nothing. Christine once said, “There are a lot of people who feel very comfortable following the well worn path no matter where that path is leading”. Only you can decide what is right for you and your health. No mortal doctor who is going to die someday can tell another person they are going to die. My advice to people is to read the dissident information and decide for themselves. Personally I don’t believe HIV exists.