HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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Caleb Newton

December, 2018

I was diagnosed positive in January 2015, after being told to get tested by an ex-girlfriend/get high partner. I had never been sick, mind you. The clinic told me I was asymptomatic, meaning healthy but a carrier of HIV.

The shock of diagnosis and fear of worst case scenarios, thanks to years of propaganda campaigns, made me more malleable to the suggestions of the medical staff. They told me that the sooner I began treatment the better I would be at suppressing the virus and live longer.

I began treatment in March, 2015. I developed symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and dizziness within the first few weeks of treatment. They told me it was immune reconstitution syndrome [IRD or IRIS], a fancy cover-up term for your body acclimating to pharmaceutical poisoning. I toughed it out and the symptoms settled but were still on and off.

I had no health issues whatsoever before treatment, including normal digestive and elimination functions. During treatment my health slowly got worse, yet I was told by medical staff that the medicine suppresses but doesn’t fully eliminate HIV, and that the HIV was eroding my health slowly.

Bullshit, I now know that it is in fact the pharmaceutical poison itself that causes the inflammatory slow burn process. I was on the treatment for 18 months straight, and firmly stuck in the AIDS zone mindset.

I’ve been through the AIDS agencies and have met Positive people who never had AIDS defining illnesses and negative people who do have numerous opportunistic infections. It made me wonder.

I even know a couple, male poz and female neg, both heroin abusers, who have been having unprotected sex for 8 years. The woman never tested positive, but she has terrible health (looks like an AIDS patient) and is constantly having medical issues.

I met a woman at GMHC [Gay Men’s Health Crisis] in NYC in September, 2016 who introduced me to an alternative view of HIV that I was completely oblivious to. She referred me to view several documentaries and told me  that I must be open minded. I was enthralled by the information I discovered in that first documentary and promptly consumed and archived all the documentaries I could find.

I’d like to thank all the brave people (Duesberg, Mullis, Null, Lanka, Farber, Scheff, Shenton, etc…) who have spoken out against this stealth eugenics program. God bless dr. Robert Willner, whose passionate video from Spain still exists. His body language was singing the whole time and he genuinely cared.

By the end of that September I had worked up the courage, thanks to newfound knowledge and an invigorated spirit, to discontinue the treatment cold turkey and to stop going to the chop shop HIV clinic.

I’ve been off of the medicine 27 months now and my health has returned to near normal, with only minor skin allergic reactions on occasion. I eat a very healthy paleo/keto diet. I stopped substance abuse: no drugs and alcohol. I get lots of fresh air and sunshine. I supplement with vitamin C/D and omega 3. I no longer get sick.

Those meds, AZT and others, are chemotherapy and are responsible for all that we blamed the virus for. Abuse of antibiotics in the 70s-80s also led to destroyed beneficial bacteria/microbiome, leading to immune suppression. They give you smaller doses now and tell you people live longer because of new medicines.

It’s all a lie. Look at pictures of people in cancer wards getting chemotherapy treatments then look at pictures of people they told us we’re dying from AIDS in the 80s-90s. What’s the difference? Look up the long and short term side effects of chemotherapy on cancer websites then look up the symptoms of AIDS. Chemo gives you wasting/dementia/ immune suppression/ opportunistic infections, etc. I now know that I, and many others, were a victim of trauma based mind control as well as trauma bonding with other HIV victim mentalities that keep you in the AIDS zone mindset. Misery loves company but forgive them for they know not what they do.

I thank everyone who has been battling this deadly deception since the beginning and those who continue to battle the juggernaut of AIDS inc.