HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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10 Australians

January 2016

A paper in Medical Anthropology Quarterly reports, “Ten participants had no history of HIV treatment at the time of interview, including one man who had been HIV‐positive for 18 years and was what is typically referred to as a “long‐term non‐progressor.” The remaining participants had used antiretroviral therapy in the past for a limited period or for a specific purpose, such as during pregnancy. With regard to treatment in the future, four distinctive positions emerged: those who were comfortable with the thought of starting treatment as soon as it was clinically indicated or recommended; those who were managing other priorities at the time of interview, such as employment stress, parental responsibilities, or mental health issues, which precluded treatment uptake; those who accepted that treatment would be inevitable at some point, yet were determined to avoid it as long as possible; and a small minority who were adamant that they would never take treatment no matter what.”

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