HIV+ people who have never taken AIDS drugs, or have stopped taking them.
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January, 2019

My name is Gabriele. I tested positive in March 2010. I never took any pills, because I was lucky to get to know Dr. Claus Köhnlein, who wrote the book „ Der Virus Wahn“ [“Virus Delusion“], he is one of the dissidents.

I live in Germany. For me it seems, like I am the only one in this country with this story. 😉 I don’t know anybody here, and I would love to communicate with people who think and act like I do.

I am in good health. That was not always the case. In my “former life“ I was a flight attendant. I loved my job, but it was not good for my health. I got sick very often and also had to deal with tropical diseases. My immune system was in bad shape. Because of my health-situation I had to stop flying. That was in 2005.

Since then I got healthier and healthier. Now I am working as a yoga teacher and I try to live a healthy life – physically and mentally – with awareness and consciousness. Today, at the age of 60, I feel fitter and healthier then ever.

Why did I take the Test? In 2008 I met the “love of my life“. He was HIV-positive, and not well, when I met him. He had a very difficult childhood, had been diagnosed with cytomegalovirus, and with lymph cancer. However, he was fighting for the “truth”, and had become convinced that HIV is not the cause of Aids. He did not take the medications, instead we did a lot of holistic healing. For a while his health got better and better, but his life was so hard and complicated, that it was all too much, and he died in 2010.

Because of his status, my family insisted that I take the test. I did and it was positive. This has not interrupted my path to better health, however.

I wrote a book to describe my experiences: „Ich ging den Weg des Schmetterlings“ [“I went the way of the butterfly”]. My message: Don’t let fear control your life! Inform yourself and follow your inner voice.